While one might think the summer season is the best time to visit Jamaica, we think we can convince you to check out this beautiful island during the cool fall season. Here are our top reasons why booking a Jamaica getaway during the fall season is a great idea:

Warm Temperatures All Year

Jamaica is in a perfect geographical location to stay warm all year long. That means you can take a dip in the cool waters during any time of the year! The weather in Jamaica often ranges from the mid-70s up to the high 80s, so make sure to bring your swim trunks and tank tops!

More Room to Stretch Out

The summer season is often the busiest travel season anywhere you might look, and Jamaica is no different. Whether it is due to the kids being off school or the temperatures back home pushing people to travel, most families spend time on vacation during the summer. Visiting Jamaica during the fall season allows you to enjoy all the wonders of the island without the summer crowds. You can easily find a perfect spot on the beach where you can relax under the sun. Make sure to pick up a rental pontoon boat or set of kayaks to explore the water as well! This is one of the best parts about having a Jamaica getaway!

Better Rates for Our Guests

Not only can you enjoy fewer crowds during the fall, but our rental properties can often be booked at a discount. We want to make sure to provide an incredible opportunity to any guests who make the journey to Jamaica to experience its glory. Since fewer guests are also staying on the island, you will have the best pick of properties to choose from. Why settle for some boring hotel? Book one of our luxury properties and truly enjoy your vacation like it was meant to be!

Jamaica Activities Do Not Slow Down

Last but not least, the area keeps on delivering the fun all year round with plenty of Jamaica activities. You will not find local attractions closed during the fall but instead fully staffed and ready to show you how to enjoy Jamaica the right away. Take a tour of the Bob Marley Museum or swim in Dolphin Cove and witness these majestic creatures in person.

Jamaica Getaway in the Fall

All of these reasons make a Jamaican fall vacation a great choice this year. Explore our available properties on the island and start planning your Jamaica getaway today. Contact us now!