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Jamaican Treasure Villas Offer Amazing Relaxing Villa Vacations
Jamaican Treasures offers over 300 private and fully staffed villas in Jamaica! Yes, we inspect our villas personally, most of our team members call Jamaica home, and certainly have a passion for the villa industry in Jamaica! We are proud of our island home, and we want to share our passion of our country, our people – For over 10 years, we visit the villas regularly and inspect them and set specific standards so that we can give you the confidence in the villas you book with us at Jamaican Treasures.
While everyone who goes to Jamaica wants to relax and enjoy themselves those who stay in our Jamaica villas will have an extraordinary time. We can help you with every aspect of your trip, from cooking to transportation to activities to do. But for most people the most surprising thing about our great services is the connection that most guests make with the staff. Each villa that we offer comes with at least a cook, a housekeeper and gardener and if you require additional services we are more than happy to provide the staff you need. We can guarantee that each one of our Jamaica villas is top shape as we have personally inspected each and every one to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

Your Villa LifeStyle
Our staff is there to make your stay as pleasant as possible so they can help you as much or as little as you want. If you want the services of a masseuse or a baby sitter, we will send one right over. If, however, you want some privacy to just spend quality time with your family, simply let us know and our staff will keep the villa looking beautiful and continue providing your meals, all while being discrete. It is your dream vacation in one of our many villas in Jamaica and we want you to be happy; that means you get to make the decisions.

Have Fun in Jamaica
We have villas in Jamaica with own private pools so you and your family or guests can enjoy yourselves and beat the heat. When you want to explore the rest of the island, we are there to help you. Before you ever leave your home we will send you a list of fun things to do in Jamaica including both tours and things you can do on your own. There is something for everyone from intense activities such as rafting, river tubing, golfing, bob-sledding Jamaican style, horseback riding and zip-lining to more relaxing options such as swimming with dolphins, relaxing at one of the bars or restaurants we recommend or going sailing. For even more ideas or to get a taste of local activities, you can also ask the staff in your villa for suggestions.

Experience The Local Cuisine
One of the most loved services in our Jamaica villas is the chef who is on staff and at your disposal. The chefs that work at our villas in Jamaica are experienced in cooking a wide range of cuisine, including Jamaican, European and North American. Returning guests keep coming back to our villas for the villa cuisine! For those trying to get away from mass cooked hotel food, villa cuisine offers delectable cuisine….. your villa cuisine will entice you to return time and time again. We especially recommend you try traditional Jamaican foods such as lobster tail, escovitche (fried fish and peppers, onions, carrots and vinegar) and fried ripe plantains. Your chef is also able to accommodate any special food requests or dietary restrictions; simply let us know in advance.

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