If you are looking for an incredible Caribbean getaway, you should look no further than the island nation of Jamaica. No matter where you look you will find gorgeous scenery all around you. That also includes the many top beaches in Jamaica on the island that have white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. Jamaica’s beaches are some of the biggest draws to the island itself. Here are the top beaches in Jamaica you and your family need to check out:

Top Beaches in Jamaica – Doctor’s Cave Beach

When visiting Montego Bay, make sure to stop by Doctor’s Cave Beach for one of the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen. This and other sandy top beaches in Jamaica make Montego Bay one of the most popular spots for tourists. While visitors do have to pay a small fee to use the beach, it goes towards its upkeep and management. The property even features a changing facility, beach bar, and more for you to enjoy.

Rose Hall Beach

Another beautiful Montego Bay beach that must be seen to be believed is Rose Hall Beach. This strip of beach is quieter, allowing you to relax under the tropical sunshine. The nearby Rose Hall Beach Club gives you a spot to eat, relax, and enjoy live entertainment like your vacation deserves.

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is named appropriately, as it is the longest beach in Jamaica. While many of the local resorts are situated on the beach, you can find plenty of free space where you too can enjoy what is called one of Jamaica’s best beaches. Local vendors display their wares nearby so you can find plenty of gifts or snacks to enjoy during your time on the beach.

Boston Bay Beach

If you enjoy surfing, you must check out Boston Bay Beach in Port Antonio. The city is laxer than other nearby towns so you can expect to find plenty of space on the beach to relax. Make sure to come hungry as the jerk stands in the area are simply a must-try!

Your Beach Time in Jamaica

Relaxing on the beach is a must-do when you are staying on the gorgeous island of Jamaica. Make sure to keep your vacation special by reserving one of our exclusive vacation rentals in the area. Each rental will keep you comfortable with luxury amenities and access to all of the thrilling attractions. Let us find you the perfect rental in Jamaica! Contact us now!