There is no bad season on the tropical island of Jamaica, but we especially cannot stop raving about the exciting summer season. With plenty to do, there is no wrong way to spend your time in Jamaica. Here are the perfect Jamaica activities to enjoy during your getaway:

Luminous Lagoon Night Cruise

Every summer should be spent by the water, as you get to enjoy the warmth of the sun while staying cool. Jamaica’s Luminous Lagoon is an incredible bioluminescent lagoon that features a natural phenomenon like no other. The lagoon gives off a blue-green glow at the right times of the night due to the millions of microorganisms that make their homes here. The Night Cruise lets you experience this phenomenon up close and actually dive into the lagoon. The microorganisms are completely harmless, letting you swim around without worry. The Luminous Lagoon Night Cruise is available from Holiday Services and starts at $49 per adult.

Appleton Estate

If you want to sip on some of Jamaica’s best rum this summer season, make sure to take a tour of the Appleton Estate. Each tour includes information on how rum has been made on the island since the 18th century and even a meet and greet with Appleton himself. Rum makes any experience on the island better, so make your way to the Appleton Estate! Tours start at just $25 per adult. This is definitely one of the most relaxing Jamaica activities.

Raft the Martha Brae

One of the most historic locations in Jamaica is the Martha Brae River. Visitors are encouraged to explore this historic river by raft on a three-mile excursion from Montego Bay to Rio Matibereon. Each raft ride is approximately two hours long and allows you to rest the entire way. The steady currents make sure any wildlife leaves you alone and gets you along to your destination promptly. Raft rides start at $65 for a raft that fits up to two individuals. Complimentary beverages are provided, making sure you stay hydrated for the entire voyage.

Summer is Waiting for Jamaica Activities

Make sure to start planning for the perfect summer experience in Jamaica this year. Our vacation rentals will keep you close to all of the exciting Jamaica activities around the island and make your stay comfortable. Browse our available rentals online today or let us help you find the perfect place for your stay. Make sure to experience Jamaica the right way this year with our exclusive properties on the island!