If you have been considering making the trip to Jamaica, do not wait any longer. Even if you can only visit for three days, Jamaica is a tourist paradise with plenty of exciting activities to keep you entertained. Here is how you can see the best Jamaica has to offer in just three days:

Day 1: Hike Up the Dunn’s River Falls

Jamaica is a jungle paradise with plenty rivers and waterfalls winding through the wilderness. Dunn’s River Falls is perhaps the most popular natural attraction on the island. Guided tours are available to take you up to the base of the waterfall in a few short hours. The hike is not rigorous and can be completed by most amateur hikers. Once you get to the top, you will have unprecedented views of all of Jamaica. After completing the hike, spend the remainder of your day relaxing at the gorgeous beach located at the start of the hike. Dunn’s River Falls is open 8:30am to 4:00pm every day for you to enjoy.

Day 2: Visit the Museums on Your Trip to Jamaica

Jamaica has a rich history that is begging to be explored during your next extended weekend on the island. The Bob Marley Museum pays homage to music legend and icon Bob Marley. This Kingston museum is located at Marley’s former home and features personal artifacts, his own private recording studio, and more. See how Bob Marley became the music icon that inspired an entire generation. Once you are done there, take a stop into the National Gallery of Jamaica for some of the best artwork featured on the island. Rotating exhibits are featured every month and provide a rich history into the growing art scene in Jamaica.

Day 3: Splash Around Port Antonio

One of Jamaica’s more secluded attractions is Blue Lagoon, found just outside of Port Antonio. You will find a beautiful lagoon with many shades of blue that shines in the sun. Make sure to the bring your camera and snap some photos of the different hues. The easiest way to get to Blue Lagoon is on a boat or rafting tour that will take you right to the water and even stop by Monkey Island. Make sure to plan for the whole day. The tours typically only cost around $20, making them a great addition to any vacation.

An Extended Weekend in Jamaica

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