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As the jewel of the Caribbean, Jamaica has always had this allure that attracted people for centuries. Long before pirates and soldiers of fortune had roamed these seas, explorers and adventurers had made it their destination for various reasons. And today the adventure is still very much alive. Thanks to Rainforest Adventures, you get to enjoy the magnificent splendor of Jamaica and the Caribbean without having to draw a sword or come face to face with a buccaneer. Rainforest Adventures in Jamaica makes it easy to get the real taste of the Mystic Mountain of Jamaica and all its wonders.

Let the Jamaica Activities Begin

Enjoying the rainforest has to be on your mind when you choose to spend your vacation in Jamaica, and Rainforest Adventures has a lot of adventures where the rainforest forms the backdrop. One of the most popular Jamaica activities that a lot of people like to try is the bobsled tour. It’s a bobsled ride that takes you down the mountainside at exciting speed as the trees and foliage fly by. The canopy zip line tour takes you over the top of the trees in one dreamy ride. Get a great view of the whole forest and savor the unforgettable adrenalin rush. Other adventures include the sky lift tour, tranopy tour, Dunn’s River Fall tour, and many others. Rentals in South Coast will let you stay close to the jungle areas.

Cruise Friendly

The one thing that makes Rainforest Adventures in Jamaica such a popular destination for thrill seekers is that all their attractions are cruise friendly. You can access all these adventures from your cruise without having to land and get another transport to get there. This saves you a lot of time since you can get to the adventure and back on time. Rainforest Adventures is located at Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Call them at +1 876-618-1553.

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