If you want to experience something a bit different for this holiday season, why not make your way to Jamaica? Our tropical country is just a short flight away and is filled with beautiful destinations and exciting activities to make for an amazing journey. Here is how to celebrate Christmas in Jamaica in 2019:

Christian Holiday

Just because you will be in another country does not mean you will not find Christmas in Jamaica in 2019 celebrated. Jamaica is a mostly Christian island, and Christmas is celebrated by many of the locals. Many Jamaicans go to mass every Sunday and always look forward to special Christmas services. You will find plenty of local parishes to celebrate the holiday.

Negril Art Fair – Christmas Edition

The locals of Jamaica truly understand incredible art, with many local artists showcasing their works throughout the year. Beach Bunny Café Negril hosts the Negril Art Fair throughout the year, making it easy to see many of Jamaica’s lost artists all in one setting. The fair will be open for the winter holiday with their Christmas edition of the art fair. Come see a free art show that highlights this authentic and incredible culture and its work of art. The Negril Art Fair Christmas Edition takes place on December 21st from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

GT Taylor Extravaganza 2019

One thing there is to know about Jamaica is that the residents sure do love their reggae. Experience moving reggae tunes on Christmas in Jamaica in 2019 with the GT Taylor Extravaganza. This 2019 event is a unique reggae stage show featuring the top reggae artists in the country. This event is perfect for those looking to try something new for the holidays.

Rainless Holiday

Jamaica boasts a tropical climate, with average temperatures between 71 to 88 degrees year-round. However, winter is a great time to visit thanks to slightly cooler temperatures and hardly any chance of rain. You will not have to worry about your winter plans being rained out. There is nothing better than kicking back on the beach with a drink in hand as everyone back home is snowed in.

Christmas in Jamaica in 2019 Done Right

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