Each year you can catch hundreds of incredible events happening only in Jamaica. If you did not know, Jamaica has a huge appreciation for reggae and world music. No matter where you travel to on the island, you will find locals and other travelers who rave about the incredible music scene found here. One of the biggest events happening in Jamaica this year is the annual International Reggae & World Music Awards. This year will mark the 38th consecutive year of the festival and 5th time it has been hosted in Jamaica. Take a look at why you should attend:

A Celebration of Reggae and More

The International Reggae & World Music Awards is put on by Ephraim Martin and celebrates the culture, heritage, arts, and music of Central America. Each year the festival honors the accomplishments of world renowned reggae music starts and upcoming musicians. Past events have been held in Miami, New Orleans, Atlanta, Spain, and even New York. Jamaica is always a popular destination for the event thanks to the number of acclaimed musicians who started their careers on the island.

Spring is the Best Season for the International Reggae & World Music Awards

The International Reggae & World Music Awards takes place during the month of March making sure you have the perfect spring break planned. The weather in Jamaica is always beautiful, but we find the spring season to be a quieter time of the year. Most travelers visit for spring break and are typically younger adults; families with children often wait until the summer season to visit. This means you will have time in Jamaica that does not have the crazy crowds of summer but still be able to engage. With it already being March, you will want to start planning now for the festival!

Purchase Your Tickets

The International Reggae & World Music Awards is just around the corner, taking place on March 29th in Kingston. Tickets start at just $50 for general admission tickets. Purchase your tickets directly from the organization today by visiting their website.

Get Ready for Music and Fun in Jamaica

The International Reggae & World Music Awards is just one of the many exciting events happening this spring in Jamaica. Get ready for all of the excitement by reserving one of our vacation rentals on the island. We can find you a rental in Kingstown or any surrounding city of your choosing.