When it comes to making the trek to Jamaica, you might be limited on the amount of luggage you can bring with you. Most airlines cap luggage weight at 50 pounds before you have to pay an additional fee. Packing light is not only easier on your back, but on your wallet as well! Give yourself a break with these three simple tips to help travel in Jamaica:

You Won’t Need Multiple Bathing Suits

Everyone knows that the beaches in Jamaica are some of the best. You will find clean, sandy beaches outlining the blue lagoons and shoreline. Expect to spend plenty of time on these beaches as the weather is always warm and welcoming. This might make you think you need to bring plenty of beachwear to ensure you’re clean and ready to go for each day of your stay. Instead, only pack a pair or two, as our vacation rentals feature washers and dryers in each property. You can easily clean your family’s dirty laundry by throwing a quick load in the washer. The dryers will make sure your swimsuit is fresh and ready for another exciting day on the beach the next day.

Leave the Beach Gear at Home

Having a relaxing day at the beach calls for beach gear to help you out. This can include comfortable beach chairs, towels, paddleboards, and more. Luckily, local rental shops will make it easy for you to find everything you need on a budget. Most rental shops offer all gear by the day and can even deliver these rentals to you right on the beach. Now that is some first-class service for your stay in Jamaica!

You Will Not Need a Jacket

As mentioned, Jamaica is plenty warm throughout the year, meaning you will not need any heavy clothing to help fight off the cold. This includes jackets and coats, pants, and any other heavy gear. The humidity in Jamaica can also be high, so wearing lighter clothing is recommended. Bring clothes that are loose and light to make sure you stay comfortable the entire time. By packing your bag lightly on your travel to Jamaica, you will have more room to bring home a gift or two for your loved ones!

More Room to Have Fun While You Travel in Jamaica

By packing light, it will be much easier to get to your destination in Jamaica. Take a look today at the many vacation rentals we offer. Each property provides a variety of amenities to help you make the most of your travel in Jamaica. We can’t wait to see you on the island!