Treasure Island Restaurants: Smurf’s Café

Jamaican TreasuresRestaurantsTreasure Island Restaurants: Smurf’s Café

The list of reasons to travel to the Caribbean island nation of Jamaica is undeniably a long one. For those seeking a place where rejuvenation and relaxation can be achieved in a pristine tropical setting, Jamaica provides the scenery and the shoreline. For those travelers looking for adventurous opportunities on the waves, Jamaica provides turquoise waves and plenty of options for surfing, sailing snorkeling and more. Whatever it is that inspires a person to make their way to this vacation destination, Jamaica is certainly a dynamic island that welcomes guests from near and far. A big part of the fun of a Jamaican getaway is exploring the island’s many flavors. Before you head out for a day of excitement, be sure to swing by Smurf’s Café, one of the best Treasure Island restaurants, for a wonderful and flavorful start to your island day.

Breakfast and Bold Flavors

Smurf’s Café is hard to miss. Guests are welcomed into this charming and cozy restaurant with a façade that hosts a painting of a Smurf and a large, colorful sign as well! Smurf’s Café is located at Treasure Beach and is open daily from 6:30 am until 2:00 pm. While the lunch crowd is always bustling, it’s the breakfast options at Smurf’s Café that have built this restaurant a reputation on flavor. Guests are invited to come on in and grab a colorful chair under a large open-air awning and browse a menu that’s bursting with breakfast favorites. At Smurf’s Café, the breakfast selections are a wonderful balance between traditional island fare and home comfort food and cooking. Definitely one of the best Treasure Island restaurants.

Menu Favorites

Where lunch brings the seafood and meats, breakfast at Smurf’s Café is a collection of everything from eggs and pancakes to fruits, greens, and biscuits. Generous portion sizes and budget-friendly pricing make this an amazing place to dine in the morning with the entire family anytime you’re in town. A selection of vegetarian and vegan options make this destination versatile for guests with a variety of dietary preferences while the omelets, coffee and fruit salad come highly recommended no matter what you decide to order up!

Enjoy Treasure Island Restaurants

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