The Caribbean island nation of Jamaica is a place that inspires visitors to leave stress far behind and find moments of beauty, fun, and tranquility beginning the moment they arrive. For some, this is achieved by swimming, snorkeling or sailing the turquoise waters. For others, this is accomplished on the sugar-white sand. Still, other travelers to Jamaica find their vacation expectations met by the many museums, reggae stops or hidden away cascades waiting to be discovered. No matter what’s required to help you find your island state of mind, you’ll want to top it all off with a savory stop at Soldier Camp Bar & Grill, one of the best restaurants in Port Antonio, Jamaica.

Soldier Camp in Port Antonio: A Flavorful Return Home
Located at 1876-83 Red Hassell Road in Port Antonio, Soldier Camp Bar & Grill is the passion project of a former marine and Jamaican national who returned home once his service was complete to share his love of cooking with his country and the world. The result is a restaurant where guests can enjoy a combination of friendly island vibes and a selection of savory dishes that are truly unforgettable and keep you coming back for more. The décor that makes up Soldier Camp in Port Antonio honors the owner’s military past while paying homage to the colors of Jamaica as well. Within this eclectic, yet meaningful combination, guests can settle in at a rustic table or cozy up to the bar for a hand-crafted cocktail, wine or beer upon request.

Enjoy Savory Bites
Soldier Camp in Port Antonio is a one-stop-shop for all things seafood, Caribbean and traditional Jamaican. Guests are free to order up everything from lobster, shrimp, fish, and chicken to curried coat and a variety of mixed platters in between. A selection of garlic and coconut sauce provide the perfect topping to any plate you might select while a side of rice and peas comes highly recommended as well. Generous portion sizes and budget-friendly pricing makes Soldier Camp Bar & Grill a great place to bring the family. Come with those you love but expect to make a new friend or two once you walk into this delicious dining establishment.

Take Time to Unwind
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