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Jamaica is a dynamic vacation destination that inspires visitors to return time and again in the name of fun, beautiful beaches, incredible music and of course, plenty of island flavor. While it’s entirely possible to find international delights across Jamaica, there’s something special about indulging in authentic and traditional island fare while you’re here. When you’re looking for something fresh, innovative and healthy make sure to make your way to Rasta Ade Refreshments where you’ll find all of the above and then some!

Beachside Flavor

Located on Norman Manley Boulevard in Negril just a little less than a mile from Seven Mile Beach, Rasta Ade Refreshments is a colorful and welcoming food and beverage stand that stands out against the white sand beach in striking hues of green, yellow and red. This open-air dining experience makes for a flavorful, colorful and convenient stop whether you stumble upon it during a beach walk or set out in search of it due to its delicious reputation. Order a juice or tropical smoothie at the bar before settling into a beach chair and soaking up the sun and views while enjoying the benefits of palate-pleasing liquid combinations. When you’re in the mood for something more robust, Rasta Ade Refreshments also provides guests with a menu of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options making this a versatile stop that caters to a multitude of guests and dietary preferences. Rasta Ade Refreshments is known for its budget-friendly approach to dining and on average, guests can enjoy a meal and beverage for somewhere between $3 and $10.

Must-Try Rasta Ade Refreshments Menu

Begin your culinary journey at Rasta Ade Refreshments with an ice-cold Rasta Lemonade before ordering up a delightful, fresh and organic dish such as the veg plate. Those that are craving carbs will want to try the Rasta pasta plate while guests looking to dine light may be intrigued by the vegetable soup or sandwich. Pair your plate with a frozen whip drink as you enjoy the stream of music often found floating out the front door of Rasta Ade Refreshments. This locale stays open late, making it a popular place to grab a drink and make the most of a beautiful Jamaican sunset as well.

Savor the Jamaican Experience

There’s no reason to hesitate when the opportunity to travel to Jamaica in style awaits. Contact the team at Jamaican Treasures when you’re looking for a gorgeous vacation rental villa complete with in-home staff and endless luxury that meets and exceeds your every vacation expectation!