The island of Jamaica is a gem in the Caribbean that’s packed with places to visit, things to see and exciting excursions to take. Whether you’re a visitor that can’t get enough of the sand and sun or someone who likes to get out and take to the trails to connect with nature there’s bound to be something that speaks to every taste, passion, and interest when you travel this direction. Between the snorkeling, swimming, shopping, touring and beach hopping, it’s not surprising that visitors to Jamaica work up quite the appetite. Take a trip out into the Caribbean Sea and experience a one of a kind dining experience while you’re here by making time for a trip to Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Negril.

A Mid-Ocean Experience
Pelican Bar in Jamaica is one of the most unique and exciting culinary stops Jamaica has to offer. To say it’s off the beaten path would be an understatement. Pelican Bar is a rustic and welcoming locale that’s situated right in the middle of the ocean approximately half a mile northwest of popular Treasure Beach. A boat is required to reach this fun and fascinating destination, but the effort is worth it once you arrive. Meticulously attached driftwood and tree trunks make up the greater portion of the Pelican Bar’s roof and you won’t be able to look away from the collection of nautical memorabilia that are situated between the beams. A small pier leads the way from the water to the main dining area and bar where guests can take a seat and order up or simply enjoy a drink while watching the waves roll in from all sides.

Pelican Bar in Jamaica Menu Favorites to Savor
Guests who make their way to Pelican Bar in Negril often do so in the spirit of enjoying a flavorful handcrafted cocktail or beer right at the bar while immersed in an amazing view. When it’s time to dine, however, Pelican Bar is known for its flavorful selection of fresh-caught fish and sides of rice that often hit the spot on a warm day. Whether you’re here for a quick bite or a drink, be sure to bring an old license plate along. The walls at Pelican Bar are dotted with mementos of visitors’ past in the form of metal plates speaking to the homes of those who have traveled to leave a small part of themselves in the Caribbean.

Take Time to Unwind in Jamaica
Jamaica is just the right place to land for a vacation any time of year the urge to travel hits. Make sure you’re partnered with the professionals at Jamaican Treasures when it comes to booking a luxurious and comfortable stay on the island. Contact us today for more details on our many options.