Patsy’s Coffee Shop

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When it comes to relaxation and rejuvenation, there’s something unique about Jamaica that speaks to travelers looking to unwind. This tropical paradise is not only beautiful but packed with options for fun, entertainment and beautiful views that somehow restore the mind and senses. When it comes to flavorful stops that inspire Jamaica also knows how to please visitors from near and far. When you’re looking for a coffee shop in Jamaica to start your day right or one that provides just the right caffeine kick before your next island adventure, be sure to find time to make your way to Patsy’s Coffee Shop.

A Negril Hangout with a View

Situated on One Love Road on the west end of Negril, Patsy’s Coffee Shop is an ideal place for a leisurely caffeine boost that comes with an incredible view. Open from 12:00 pm until 10:00 pm daily, Patsy’s Coffee Shop is often referred to as one of the ultimate coffee shops in Jamaica. Guests come to this charming white-façade establishment to hang out with family and friends over a delicious cup of java while watching the turquoise waves roll into the white sandy shore. Once you order up a cup, feel free to sip away indoors or maximize the view on the patio. Friendly service and a cozy and comfortable atmosphere make this local stop a must-try when you’re in town.

Beyond the Coffee Beans

While many customers come by Patsy’s Coffee Shop for the caffeinated selections they offer up, this locale is known for a selection of sweets as well! Feel free to browse the options for ice cream, cakes, and pastries when you’re in the mood for something more. For a fruity take on a traditional favorite, order up banana-topped waffles as a side dish to a decadent and beautifully cream-finished mocha. The black and white gleaming floor indoors delivers up a feeling of a French patisserie while outdoors, guests are fully immersed in island beauty. With so many coffee options to try, this is one of the best coffee shops in Jamaica!

Experience The Best Coffee Shops in Jamaica

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