A visit to Jamaica comes with its fair share of fun and excitement. Guests to this island nation are often thrilled to take part in everything from sailing and snorkeling to beach hopping and the shopping in between. Whether you’re one for ziplining through the jungle or trekking up majestic mountains, Jamaica provides the diversity of options that makes it an endlessly appealing place to stay. When it comes to flavor, Jamaica has just as many choices. Sometimes it’s not about the big-name stops on the island but knowing where to go for the most authentic experience. When you’re searching for the best places to eat in Negril, Jamaica, look no further than Niah’s Patties.

A Food Stand for All
Nestled into the west end of Negril, Niah’s Patties is one of the best restaurants in Negril to swing by when you’re in the mood for convenient and flavorful food as well as fun conversation! This local hang out is popular with residents and visitors alike. Don’t be fooled by its simple façade, Niah’s Patties is a food stand with a reputation for delicious bites! The vibrant yellow and green exterior welcomes guests to order up a meal with friends and linger as long as they like. Niah’s Patties creates a family-style atmosphere with delicious food to go. The staff is committed to providing guests with an authentic island experience that comes with a side of friendship too.

Menu Selections to Enjoy
While meat options are available for the patties this food stand serves up, the veggie patties are often the highlight for visitors of all dietary preferences. Rich, savory and filling, these patties are filled and flipped on the spot for a fresh and savory flavor that’s hard to beat. Don’t hesitate to ask the owner for a customized patty if you have something in mind. He’s more than willing to create something new if the ingredients are available! A nearby food stand offers up beer and other beverages to accompany your patty if your plans have you staying for a while and enjoying the food and view. No reservations are required at Niah’s Patties, just come as you are and bring your appetite too.

Experience the Best Places to Eat in Negril
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