For those that can’t get enough of diving and snorkeling, swimming and boating, Jamaica provides an endless number of options for fun out on the waves and under the water. Travelers who enjoy time spent on the beach, opportunities to visit important cultural sites and those with a passion for reggae will find Jamaica an oasis of excitement. Still, those who love to lace up and hit the trails will be captivated by the island’s dynamic landscape dotted with beaches, mountains, and rainforests. No matter how you like to travel, there’s something amazing about discovering new places and these adventures often go hand in hand with an appetite best cured with a flavorful food stop. When you’re visiting Jamaica and looking for a destination to enjoy a meal with global influence and plenty of savory options, be sure to make time for dinner at Mystic Thai in Montego Bay.

International Flair in the Heart of Jamaica
Located at Fairview Towne Center at Montego Bay, Mystic Thai is easy to reach and always delicious stop to enjoy during your travels. Open from 11:30 am until 10:00 pm daily, Mystic Thai caters to guests who are looking to enjoy artistically presented Thai cuisine in a setting that’s both welcoming and elegant. Fresh ingredients and bold flavors are always on display when you enjoy time at Mystic Thai. Guests are invited to take a seat within an intimately placed table that makes you feel like you’re cocooned away from the rest of the dining crowd. The ceiling is decked out in lovely silk lanterns and Thai music plays in the background, setting the stage for an enjoyable and even romantic experience at dinner. Reservations are highly recommended at Mystic Thai in Montego Bay which is popular amongst locals and visitors alike.

Menu Favorites to Enjoy at Mystic Thai in Jamaica
Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet, savory, bold or spicy, Mystic Thai in Jamaica has a little something to please every palate. Guests can enjoy a selection of salads and soups to get started before moving onto more robust entrée choices like Pad Thai, teriyaki chicken rolls or Pla Tun which features whole, freshly caught steamed fish. Pair your plate with a delicious handcrafted cocktail to bring out the very best of the flavors.

Make Your Way to Jamaica
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