Visiting Jamaica is an experience in tropical adventure. Guests can enjoy everything from touring hidden away springs and cascades to ziplining, beach lounging, climbing or hiking. While there’s much in the way of relaxation, rest and rejuvenation, sometimes the best way to truly understand Jamaica is through its traditional flavors. If you happen to find yourself in Ocho Rios, either enjoying the view or climbing Dunn’s River Falls, be sure to follow up the fun with a stop at Miss T’s Kitchen. Here, you’ll enjoy the best of Jamaican country cooking within an atmosphere that welcomes you like you’re home.

Where Color and Flavor Abound
Situated at 65 Main Street in Ocho Rios, Miss T’s Kitchen has long been a fan favorite of locals and visitors for its friendly atmosphere, eye-catching décor and delicious menu that features authentic Jamaican food. Come on in and grab a seat at a painted table, red vinyl booth or barrel chair all nestled within a setting packed with foliage, fun lighting and green and red walls. The interior of Miss T’s Kitchen automatically puts guests in a great island mood and inspires the mind and senses for the menu selections to come. This locale is known for it’s friendly and helpful staff who are happy to cover the daily specials upon request. Where fish aquariums find a place on the restaurant floors, the walls are occupied by guitars, paintings, and photos of Bob Marley. Everywhere you look in Miss T’s Kitchen, there’s a reason to remember just how rich of a history Jamaica holds.

Miss T’s Kitchen Menu
Begin your meal at Miss T’s Kitchen with appetizers like salted cod, chicken wings or crab to get your taste buds ready for more. Those looking to dine lean will appreciate the selection of salads topped with jerk chicken, shrimp or marlin while those dining with a passion for seafood can select everything from lobster and shrimp to trout or whole fish caught fresh daily. Pasta options are plentiful at Miss T’s Kitchen while sandwiches, wraps and veggies plates make for a fresh and savory way to enjoy time spent at this Ocho Rios restaurant. In addition to a decadent menu, Miss T’s Kitchen also serves up an extensive and meticulously curated wine list that makes for wonderful pairing options no matter what you decide to order while you’re here. Be sure to experience this authentic Jamaican food while you are visiting the island.

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