Travelers looking for a delightful destination to call their own when it’s time to get out of town in the name of fun, relaxation and romance need not look much further than the stunning Caribbean island of Jamaica. With its stunning landscapes, diverse terrain, long stretches of coastline and colorful take on life, food, and music, there’s much to see, do and experience! Those who are setting their sights on Jamaica in the name of vast views will want to make their way towards the west end of the island where sunsets are notoriously breathtaking. This side of the island is also home to Ivan’s Restaurant in Negril, an establishment couples who are looking to rekindle the flame of love won’t want to miss out on.

Island Romance at Its Finest
Ivan’s Bar and Restaurant is nestled into the Catcha Falling Star resort hotel and provides guests with spectacular oceanfront dining opportunities quite unlike anywhere else on the island. While the restaurant is reserved for resort patrons during the day, from 5:00 pm onwards, the evening belongs to the general public and reservations are ready to be made. Jamaican and international cuisine are highlighted on the delicious menu, but it’s the ambiance that has long captured the attention of romance seekers from near and far. Ivan’s Restaurant in Negril is filled with the fragrance of freshly cut flowers and candles glitter from nearly every corner of the dining room and patio. A popular place for couples to book weddings and rehearsals, Ivan’s gives guests the option of booking a spot at one of their infamous Night of 100 Candles. Couples can choose to dine on the private cliffside patio or garden gazebo while they enjoy a 5-course meal accompanied by Champagne and a beautifully glowing background.

Ivan’s Bar in Negril Named for Resilience
While Ivan’s Bar in Negril is a romantic locale all on its own, its very name brings a sense of romance in the resilience it honors. Ivan’s stood directly in the path of wrathful hurricane Ivan in 2004 and is proof that even the strongest storm can be survived. Today, the restaurant is named for the concept of perseverance and the romance that the restaurant holds so dear is a part of that love for moving forward and conquering all obstacles together.

A Reason for Romance
When you’re planning a trip in the name of love, Jamaica has just what you’ve been looking for. The team at Jamaican Treasures will help you book a beautiful vacation villa that sets the scene for a romantic getaway unlike any other. Let us take care of the details so you can soak up the beauty of the island with the one you love most. Contact us today to begin planning your next romantic getaway!