Ciao Jamaica

When travelers arrive in Jamaica, they often do so with tropical expectations in mind. Many visitors to this scenic destination come hoping to make the most of beautiful turquoise waves, amazing beaches, museums dedicated to reggae and opportunities to encounter nature at its finest. From hidden away waterfalls to bamboo raft rides, Jamaica is a place that caters to those who love the time spent under the sun exploring the best of Caribbean culture. What may be more surprising to some visitors is the fact that Jamaica is also a place where infusion can be found in many forms. Perhaps no example is more pertinent than the culinary scene the island hosts. While traditional Jamaican and Caribbean fare is easily accessible, it’s just as simple to find an unexpected combination that’s designed to please the palate. When you’re traveling to Jamaica and craving something new, consider a stop at Ciao Jamaica where the best of Italian and Jamaican food come together in a most wonderful way.

Where Italy Meet the Island

Located on West End Road in Negril, Ciao Jamaica is a Caribbean and Italian fusion stop that sits in the heart of one of Jamaica’s most scenic areas. Surrounded by cliffs, sand, and sea, Ciao Jamaica provides guests with an opportunity to move seamlessly between the flavors of Europe and Jamaica without ever having to leave the table. Ciao Jamaica is open to the public Tuesday through Sunday from 2:00 pm until 10:00 pm and welcomes guests with a beautifully decorated façade made of vibrant island colors and intricate stonework. While there are options to dine indoors, most guests arrive hoping to land a table on the sea view terrace, which has earned Ciao Jamaica in Negril a reputation as a spectacularly scenic and flavorful stop.

An Amazing and Diverse Menu at Ciao Jamaica in Negril

Expect and savor the unexpected when you dine at Ciao Jamaica. The menu at this culinary locale features a wide variety of combinations that make the most of fantastic flavors. Guests can start with an appetizer selection that ranges from garlic bread and coconut shrimp to bruschetta and soup of the day. Those looking for a main course selection that highlights island fare will enjoy the jerk chicken or Jamaican curry shrimp while those looking to mix traditional with Italian will be head over heels for the West Indies seafood linguine or reggae lasagna. Lobster, sirloin or bonnet snapper round out the menu with robust options that will leave you happy and full. Pizza and calzones are also readily available and Ciao Jamaica offers up a full kid’s menu when you arrive with little ones in tow.

Take Time to Enjoy Jamaica

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