The island of Jamaica is a land of lovely contrasts. Between the sun-soaked beaches, dense rainforests and towering mountain peaks, it’s hard to find a place where one fabulous landscape doesn’t blend into another. While the visual appeal of Jamaica is hard to beat, it’s sense of wonderful contrasts also extends to its restaurant scene. While this Caribbean nation may not be vast, it provides guests with a culinary experience that speaks to an impressive scale of variety and versatility. While you can definitely find traditional dishes that please the palate, those heading towards Jamaica with a passion for trendy and delicious dishes will want to make their way to Bushbar.

An Upscale Experience in Flavor

Integrated into Geejam Hotel which sits at 122 Skippers Boulevard in Port Antonio, Bushbar is a trendy dining hot spot that combines the very best of outdoor wonder with international infusion. Equal parts outdoor patio dining and charming indoor seating, Bushbar serves up a delectable combination of traditional Jamaican dishes alongside inspiring plates that combine flavors from across the globe. While the décor is modern and sleek, the setting is a captivating jungle. Walking into this upscale establishment gives one the sense of attending an elegant reception in the exciting wilderness. Lush foliage, trees, and unsurpassed views complete the idyllic picture when you choose to dine at Bushbar in Port Antonio.

A Side of Style at Bushbar

Always ready to kick the ambiance up another notch on the sophistication chart, Bushbar serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the added bonus of an outdoor pool table and incredible sound system to keep energy high as well as spirits. Buttermilk pancakes, three-egg omelets and tropical fruit plates grace the morning menu while lunch serves up options that include grilled Mahi Mahi, spicy shrimp, and chicken. Those who choose to swing by for dinner will indulge themselves with selections that include Snapper fillet, curry shrimp or Mento stew. No matter what meal you choose, be sure to pair it with a beverage off the extensive wine and cocktail menu. While Bushbar in Port Antonio promises to be a place you’ll find your taste buds satisfied, it’s just as exciting for the social scene it presents. When you’re looking to mix, mingle and enjoy a delicious dish, Bushbar is the place to be.

A Getaway to Remember

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