5 Stars

This entire experience was amazing! From the seamless booking with Lisa through Jamaican treasures and her attentiveness throughout our entire stay, to a courteous and friendly staff anticipating your every need. Our Butler, Kevin and Chef Kayla made our stay positively memorable!
by Christopher on 10/15/2021 View Coral Cove-Discovery Bay 3BR

Simply amazing

This was the first time my family and I experienced a vacation like this (not All Inclusive). The entire experience was just amazing from Jay (The Butler) Morty (The Chef), Miss G (The Housekeeper) etc. They really took pride in making sure everyone was treated like royalty. When I tell you we didn't have to lift a finger to do anything, not even to book excursions or anything. They took care of everything, just went above and beyond to make sure our vacation was fun and relaxing. One thing that touched everybody's heart was when we was on a excursion, my friend got a call that her grandmother had passed away, I called Jay and asked him if he had a candle at the house so she could have a moment of silence for her grandmother and when we came back he had set up a whole memorial with the candles shape in a heart and spelled out RIP and had soft music playing. It just melted all of our hearts. So for me If I can help it this is the route for me. So if you're thinking of an experience of a lifetime of fun stay at the Golden Castle Villa Montego Bay.

Villa Mimosa for the best memories ever! My wedding was amazing!

I would like to sincerely thank Villa Mimosa for the best memories ever! My wedding was amazing and I could not have pulled it off without Ruby and the staff at the Villa. From finding my decorator, photographer, makeup artist, DJ, saxophonist, transportation company, baker, seamstress, and last minute bow tight and pocket sash shopping. Everything about the house was more amazing than the pictures shown. The staff was absolutely fabulous and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their generosity, attentiveness, and kindness. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the love and service me and my family received. I am still in awe of the views of the ocean and the beauty of this Villa! The bedrooms are extremely huge and the bathrooms are just as huge. The sitting areas are beautiful and they definitely compliment the home. The food prepared by Chef Wong was the best I have had Internationally. The food was well prepared and extremely tasteful. The house was extremely clean and I do mean extremely clean. The head Butler Ramon was on point with everything from running me a nice rose petal bubble bath to helping walk my mother down the aisle for wedding rehearsal. The day of my wedding, the staff showed out and made sure everything was perfect. They helped make that day magical for me and everything I ever dreamed about. My 20th vow renewal was all that I had dreamed and more. Ooh and let me tell you how fabulous the junior butler was and the housekeeping staff! They rocked in every aspect! This Villa is definitely the best in the world! Ruby is one of the most helpful and compassionate people you would ever want to meet. I was extremely satisfied and so was my family and guest. We definitely plan to come to Jamaica to this Villa only every year! We love Ms. Ruby and the Staff at Villa Mimosa! God definitely has a place for Ruby and her staff in heaven! We feel in love with them and did not want to leave! Just to let them know, we are forever grateful and we love them from the bottom of our hearts forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️
by Kioni on 10/09/2021 View Villa Mimosa, Discovery Bay 5BR

It is absolutely AMAZING and BREATH TAKING!! Villa Mimosa

The pictures does not do this place justice. It is absolutely AMAZING and BREATHTAKING. This has been the best villa experience ever. You get all of the amenities of a 5 star resort combined a feeling of being right at home. The hospitality is A1. Our host went above and beyond to make sure all of our needs were met. We had 2 birthdays and my anniversary and she decorated every room beautifully. She even gave us an anniversary gift with our names engraved on it, something I would never expect an  host to do. The staff is the best you can ask for. Chef Wong is the most talented chef on the island and will prepare any dish you would like at a high level. Raymond and Romario were cool and had our drinks full at all times. They made us feel at home and didnt let us lift a finger. Everton was the real MVP. He hooked us up with juice from fresh coconuts and even carved the pulp out for us to eat. I also forgot to mention that Ruby had a basketball hoop installed just for us! This was an amazing experience and I will definitely be back.
by Danny on 10/09/2021 View Villa Mimosa, Discovery Bay 5BR

Thanks so much! Had an amazing stay! Couldn't have had a better trip!

I cant say enough about this place! Ruby was an amazing host, right after booking she connected with me and had the chef reach out to discuss food/meal plans while there so they could have the food we wanted to eat while there, upon arrival. Very easy process. When we got there we were greeted by the staff, the house keeper, chef and butler Raymond. Raymond was every bit of perfect. One thing I LOVED about him, is that he was SUPER personable with us, helped us with EVERYTHING and was ALWAYS THERE for literally everything we needed. From additional food request, items we forgot to bring, transportation and entertainment. By the way, he is a GREAT bartender and kept the drinks coming! That was my favorite part lol. There wasn’t a thing we asked for that wasn’t made possible. As personable as he was, he NEVER became too comfortable and always maintained his professionalism. The house is exactly as pictured, very gorgeous. Of course everything looks AMAZING in pictures, even humans. Lol. So if this place looks a 10, expect a 8-9 in person. Nonetheless it was a beautiful place. I was in Jamaica before and I never wanted to go back, booking here, with this staff, made me want to not only come back, but make sure I stay HERE only! That’s how much they played a part in our comfort and experience. Ruby even checked in on us (via text) during our stay to make sure we were happy. I appreciated that! My ONLLYYYYYYYY issues, are 2 things. One thing thats out of there control, one thing that may not be. 1) if you go when it’s hot in Jamaica, you will be HOT. The only rooms that are air conditioned are the bedrooms. And theatre. So unless you can stand heat, sitting in the common areas isn’t comfy. The doors of the house are open all day for this reason. They are closed at night. But during the day they are open to allow air the flow through. Say Hi to the mosquitoes! It’s not their fault tho because the we were told that The electricity in JA is so expensive so it wouldn’t make sense financially to let the air run all day. I would still come here again though. I just would have liked to have known or been prepared for that up front. Secondly- the hot water was hit or miss. It was hard trying to take showers because when you turn the hot water on, it can be too hot. Then try again later and it won’t get hot at all and you end up taking a cold shower. Getting a GOOD shower was by chance. We didn’t mention it though, maybe if we did there could have been a solution OR just an explanation for it. But we chalked it up to the house size and the water supply not being the best in JA. Who knows. But that was an issue for us all, the entire stay. And we used multiple showers in the house. But I can 100% say, outside of those minor things, it was perfect. And I would come here just for the staff and the experience and comfort they provide. It 100% outweighs those small issues and shouldn’t deter you, unless you highly value AC & perfect showers. Thanks Raymond & Chef Wong for everything! You really made us all feel so welcomed and spoiled!
by Danielle on 10/09/2021 View Villa Mimosa, Discovery Bay 5BR

Amazing Staff, Amazing Views!!

Our visit to Jamaica is always wonderful, however, staying at Je Suis Content Villa makes it amazing. We have stayed at the Villa 3 different times and can't imagine staying anywhere else while in Jamaica. Not only are the views amazing, but the villa is also gorgeous and well-maintained by the best staff! Lisa does an outstanding job providing everything we need to make our stay memorable and longing to come back! Delicious food and service every day. There is nothing you need that she won't try and make happen from tours to specialty foods and drinks etc. Sharon makes the villa look like every day is your first day with the cleaning, laundry, and beautiful flowers right from the property. Je Suis Content is our Happy Place!
by Charlene on 09/16/2021 View Je Suis Content, Silver Sands 2BR

Awesome Place!!

Everything was better then advertised! The home is wonderful with more amenities then you can use! The staff was amazing and took care of all our needs and requests. Valentino arranged everything we wanted to do. The food was better then any restaurant and the chef Jackson met all dietary concerns! 5 star place. Kayaking in the bay to watch sunsets, paddle board for some exercise, lounging in the pool while having a drink and sleeping in comfort are great reasons to visit this place. Cannot say enough about the staff! Lisa at Jamaican Treasures was excellent to work with!

Another great year

Always a pleasure. Awesome house, view, place of serenity, and great staff. Couldn't want anything more.
by Brandie on 09/12/2021 View A Beach Villa in Montego Bay 2BR

Heaven on Earth

I wish I knew where to begin. Just when I thought an all inclusive resort was the way to go, the beautiful décor, peacefulness and privacy of this villa knocked it off the throne. The staff was beyond A-MAZ-ING!!! Gloria's cooking was sooo delicious. Arlene keep out rooms so neat, clean and cooled down at the right times. Gregory was ALWAYS on top of his ground game 🙂 Last but not least, Andrew pampered us with care and was very resourceful with our requests. He literally spoiled me rotten. I'll be the 1st to say, I hope they are getting paid top dollar because the service they offered was exquisite. I will NEVER forget this experience. My friends who saw photos are already asking me to plan for next year. That's a much larger group though so it would have to be a different size villa. I just hope I can request the same staff. I love them!!!!!!!
by Denise on 09/10/2021 View Sleepy Shallows, Rio Bueno 3BR

Gilrs lockdown in Paradise

Dear Lisa, I didn't want another day to go by without letting you know how much my sister-friends and I enjoyed our stay at the Pharos-Summertime villa in Montego Bay August 20-27. I know I can speak for the 10 of us when I say the accommodations were superb, the staff was exceptional and even in the face of a 3-day lockdown, we felt relaxed and refreshed. Clarence's cooking spoiled us! He provided freshness and flavor that we asked for, with a surprise or two thrown in. He never disappointed. Oliver's kindness, attentiveness, and professionalism won our hearts. He was always there to assist us with whatever we needed to make our stay comfortable. Samantha also brought her bright smile and positive attitude with her every day, always available to assist. "The Marvelous Miss Marvette" as we liked to call her, took excellent care of our rooms and kept things extremely clean and neat. Our laundress, Neisha, did an amazing job with our clothing, too! Last but not least, our driver Alicia was THE BEST! When the country was on lockdown and we needed water, Alicia went the extra mile and made it happen for us! From the time we got off the plane, throughout the entire stay, Alicia made sure we had everything we needed. We were able to get massages on the property because of her connections! We had the most wonderful experience with these highly trained professionals! The groundskeepers, Pete and Mikel, shared the bounty of the property with us, too! We fell in love with the fresh lemongrass, which we drank as tea, and the sweetsop that they gave us. It was very nice of the owner, Vern, to call us during the lockdown to check on us. Myself and my sister-friend Leah let him know that things were going well and we were making the best of not being able to leave the property. He offered us a return trip at a discounted price to make up for the inconvenience of the lockdown! That was an unexpected and much-appreciated gesture on his part, and we're already working on our return trip next year! I want to thank you, Lisa, for all your help in making this vacation possible. Your assistance with documents and authorizations was priceless. I look forward to working with you again in the future. You're a gem! Kind regards, Mercedes
by Mercedes on 09/09/2021 View Pharos-Summertime- Montego Bay 6BR

Can't wait to go back again!!!

I booked this cottage for my sister's Bridal Retreat - and I do not regret it one iota. We are actually planning a family trip to go back :). The location: It was in a gated community literally tucked in the cliffs right of a beautiful white sand beach. There was an amazing breeze all day coming off the ocean. Every morning I woke up and was able to watch the beautiful sunrise. Warning - The mosquitoes love this location as much as we do - the team was had tons of mosquito lanterns and we also had spray. We booked a bonfire one evening and it was beautiful! The pictures do not do this location justice at all. The house: PERFECTION! It looks recently renovated but also very well cared for. The team literally cleaned up throughout the day. We preferred the natural air and kept the patio doors open all day to enjoy the breeze. The pool was amazing and nice to take a dip in at night. It was lit up every night. We truly utilized all the spaces and felt comfortable. We also went bike riding one morning. The internet was very stable, TV's in all the rooms and very comfortable seating/bedding. The team: KAY-ANN - She was amazing and not only stepped in for the house manager who was ill but also kept up with all the housekeeping duties. I don't know when she managed to get it all done and we didn't even notice. She went above and beyond to make sure every meal or anything we wanted to do was executed to perfection. She not only checked in with me but also the other ladies on the trip. ONEIL - Chef extraordinaire! Every meal was made on time and had authentic Jamaican flavors. We were ok with giving him free reign on all our meals. I am vegetarian and he was able to provide delicious meals that everyone enjoyed. Inn hindsight, we would have planned to have more meals at the house instead of eating out for lunch and dinner. DONAHUE - Such a kind soul. He ensured that we arrived at our activities safely and returned back safely. He was timely and also had great recommendations and was very flexible when we wanted to adjust our destination. It was very convenient to book him when we booked the cottage. GARFIELD - Words can not describe how much Garfield impacted our trip. He literally was everywhere anytime we needed him night or day. He learned everyone's needs pretty quickly and ensured that we all were comfortable and safe the entire time. His was very personable and professional at the same time. We enjoyed the laughter and lightheartedness of the team here. At times, they faded into the background and we didn't realize there were extra people in the house with us. This team really made the difference in making our mini-retreat a 5 star experience! We all felt and we were treated like queens the entire time we were there. We can't wait too go back! I would be remiss if I did not mention how amazing Lisa from Jamaican treasures team was! She ensured that all my questions ahead of the trip and also ensured we were appropriately prepared. She referred an amazing mousse name Lorna who I would strongly recommend. She came into the house. They also arranged for us to have a nurse come in the house to complete our COVID testing, which was very convenient and affordable.


This vacation was a promise I made to my husband before he passed. He made me promise to take a dream vacation. Sleepy Shallows was EXACTLY what we dreamed! The staff was EXTRAORDINARY!! Andrew was KIND,COURTEOUS,& ATTENTIVE, and had a great sense of humor(we love to laugh) and he took it in stride! Miss Gloria's food was so scrumptious AND healthy that while I was stuffed from eating I stayed energetic and ready to go each day. Mr. Gregory went quietly along each day making sure the grounds & pool (that we stayed in much of the time) stayed so beautiful! Miss Arlene must actually be MAGIC! She made returning to your room after a long day in the sun and fun mode, easy to slip back into a cool comfortable relaxed mode! We LOVED EVERY MOMENT! We hated to leave,but can't wait to RETURN! This was the vacation my husband & I always DREAMED OF and I know his spirit was there enjoying it as well. It was EVERYTHING he said it should be. You all did a fantastic job! Oh! And our driver Mr. ONeal was ON POINT! Our adventures were just that, each excursion, we all did something we wanted to do but also presented a few challenges along the way. We have decidedly called this trip "Conquer It Summer 2021 Tour". Again, each part of the trip was so well coordinated, & even when there was a hiccup we felt confident in our staff, and their resolve that we were able to stay relaxed and enjoy our stay! Thank you Lisa for recommending "The Amazing" Sleepy Shallows! We most certainly are looking for ways to come back soon. We miss Andrew and Sleepy Shallows already!!
by Stacey Mitchell-Brown on 09/08/2021 View Sleepy Shallows, Rio Bueno 3BR

The best ever!!

This was my first time for my husband and I but definitely will not be our last! The house was AMAZING! It was very spacious for all 14 of us. More than enough room! Now let me talk about the staff who exceeded my expectations! Valentino was wonderful! He made sure all our needs and wants were met! He wouldn't let us lift a finger even when we tried to assist him. Jamaica has no movement days and because of it he brought 4 massage therapist to us, suvouneirs for us to purchase to us, jetski's to us. It made me soooo happy! Troy was also amazing, he permanently family to us! We enjoyed him so much . The chefs, let me tell you about the food, DELICIOUS!!! I have tried food for the first time like porridge! Soooo good to me! Chefs you guys did an amazing job! Suzon and Christine very kind hearted! Thank you for your hospitality! Lisa thank you for your patience of helping us making this a success. We couldn't have done it without you!!!I pray that each and every one of you and your families will be blessed exceedingly abundantly you could ever ask for or think. We will see you again❤❤❤

I now have loyalty to Dreamtime in Jamaica

I don't know where to begin.. Because of weather, we lost a day of stay. We definitely made up for it!!! The house is immaculate just like the pics, but the bomb staff is what made the trip Epic!! Valentino is the best person you will ever meet… He hates the word No! I'm sure ppl take advantage of that, but we loved him back in return. He took care of us tremendously whatever was needed he was right there troubleshooting… he is definitely resourceful and plugged. He brought jet skis to us, massages, and souvenirs ppl to us! Thank you so much Valentino!! Troy was bomb! He is the asst butler.. he kicked it with us like he was family! The chefs fed us some good vittles and thanks to 3 meals a day I gained 5 lbs…Christine and Susie were the sweetest souls.. they were so nice and inviting.. they are now my distant aunts.. thank you Lisa for the referral to Dreamtime… you are a jewel as well; very patient and resourceful… my party was Epic!!! We are already planning to come back and our loyalty is with Dreamtime and the staff!! I have new family members in Jamaica… thank you thank you thank you!! I miss them already
by Gwendolyn on 09/02/2021 View Dreamtime by the Sea, Montego Bay 7BR

Home away fe2om Home

We looked forward to returning to the inviting and friendly villa with pleasant staff. Even though we were expecting to see the former staff members we were happy to see Gregory was still there. We enjoyed the exceptionally prepared meals prepared by Gloria, polite service from Andrew our butler and Arlene the housekeeper while willing to meet our requests. Our only issue was the WiFi which limited our ability to connect online. We hope to return next year God's willing. Thanks everyone for a lovely stay! Next time I hope the weather will be better so we can enjoy the sea.
by Sandra on 09/01/2021 View Sleepy Shallows, Rio Bueno 3BR

Not enough words or stars!!!!

Well! Our group were expected to arrive August 26th but due to the storm our flight was cancelled (things were not good) and rescheduled for August 27th 9a FLight. The Dreamtime Staff greeted us with open arms awaiting our arrival. We were so stressed with all that had happened before our arrival, but once we got to the house and meet everyone all stress went away. Valentino (head Butler) is a jewel AKA the wizard because he makes everything better and doesn't believe in the word no. Jamaica had a curfew but that didn't stop our fun and he made sure of that. What we wanted he made sure we got it. Troy (the butler) my new found brother never skipped a beat! WE laughed alot and nothing was too much for him. Sue and Christine the housekeepers are amazing! You got laundry no problem, you hot no problem whatever you need no problem. The Chef's husband and wife Roman and I forgot the wife name but the food OMG no words amazing all 3 meals no problems at all. Delicious !!!!!! Shavir the driver very patient and understanding didn't see much of him, but when we did everything was great. Only complaint were those mosquitos LOL!! Not the staff fault, but I think they were invisible because you didn't know you had been bitten until you woke up LOLL!!!!! I will probably never go to a resort. This house, the staff and Lisa are the best! They are my new family in Jamaica and I miss them already we ALL DO and feel the same way. In the words of Valentino never say NO thats such an ugly word. Dreamtime will always be my home!!! Aysha

The Best Vacation

This was my first time in jamaica and it won't be my last. I had the most amazing time! The staff at the dreamtime Villa were amazing. They made sure that we were all very comfortable and happy. I didn't want for anything. If I ever come back did you make it it will be to stay at the Dreamtime Villa. I literally have nothing bad to say. I recommend that you book the trip and remember to bring mosquito spray and sunscreen. Valentino, Troy, Christine, Susan, and Shavar THANK YOU ❤️

Vacation Stay

We absolutelylove Coral Cay Villas in Tower Isle. My family and I rented out the entire property for one week and we had a blast! We love love love the staff! Ms Barbara, Pebbles and the entire staff was phenomenal! They went above and beyond for our family. We LOVE them so much and we appreciate them very much! Thank you all for taking care of us. Love Mr and Mrs. Brown and extended family. Deb,
by Deborah on 08/25/2021 View Coral Cay - Ocho Rios 13BR

Pharos-Summertime Villa Review

Review of Pharos-Summertime-Montego Bay 6BR Villa trip from August 9th thru August 16, 2021 by: Author Le’bert Gordon. My family and I reserved the Villa for a 7 night and 8 days stay in order to renew the vows of our magnificent 17-year marriage. Of all the Villas we sought to book, we were drawn to this Villa because of the Old-Modern Style Exquisitely displayed furnishing of the rooms and the majestic scenery we saw overlooking the heart of Montego Bay. But upon arrival, we were blown away by the pure unadulterated homely welcome received by the staff headed by House Manager Ms. Marvette. As we took in a panoramic view of the Villa, it’s advertised photos does not do the place the justice it deserves. It is truly a mind-blowing Villa to feast your eyes upon. As we arrived, we saw the immaculately kept grounds by Staff Groundskeeper Mikel. We were first met by our Staff Security Pete whose welcome made us at ease. Our Staff met us at the entrance and their introduction was warn and caring. We unloaded and took in the beautiful décor of well-kept and modest looking furnishings and the view I saw on-line at the point of the Villa was truly breathtaking. The night view at this point is also indescribable and the morning view is just as breathtaking. I would be remised not to speak about how our booking Agent Ms. Lisa Clarke went above and beyond to assist us with getting local businesses to cater our event at a reasonable price and the staff Butler Mr. Oliver who helped me tremendously with getting all my preparations done before my big event. Now, to the entire Staff, on behalf of my wife, family, and friends, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation to you all for providing us with the kind of attentive care which made our stay feel like a family visit. You guys will always be regarded as our extended family, and we so look forward to returning early next year. To our Driver King, you are the very best at your craft and we truly enjoy our time spent on our excursion trips and you allowing us to know the remarkable young man you are. We would also like to give a special thank you to Villa Owner Mr. Vern Granberg for graciously allowing my wife and I to hold our Vow Renewal Celebration Event at his Villa without any additional cost, to House Head Manager Ms. Marvette for granting her staff the permission to assist with our Event, to Assistant Housekeeper/Laundress Ms. Patricia who attended to our every clothing need; Assistant Chef and Butler Ms. Samantha who, besides performing her duties with exceptional skill and graceful professionalism also found the time to provide my Niece Jurnee with the warn loving care of a mother; and last but not least, our truly outstanding Chef Clarence who made my mouth water each day as I licked my fingers of his deliciously well-prepared meals. I can go on, but since I will be writing a book entitled: “At the Pharos-Summertime Villa,” I’ll just digress here and extend to the Owner Mr. Granberg, Concierge Lisa Clarke, and all the Pharos-Summertime Villa Staff, from My wife Arlene, Virginia (Ginger), Jurnee, Teddy, Tammy, Percina, Gregory, Peter, Lovena, Nemphard, and myself, our deepest loving appreciation for a magnificent vacation experience at the Pharos-Summertime Villa. One we will remember for a lifetime. And again, you guys will now forever be apart of our extended family. We thank the Almighty God for this Blessing, One Love!!! Le’bert Gordon

Relaxing vacation in a beautiful setting

Our family had a wonderful 1 week stay at Simmer Down. The online photos accurately represent the property. The outdoor space has plenty of different seating areas for enjoying sun or shade. The walk to the beautiful beach is a short distance. We also enjoyed the pool and jacuzzi on the property. The bathrooms and bedrooms are spacious. The staff is very attentive. Tess is very special. She cooked wonderful meals and ran the villa well.
by Rachel on 08/22/2021 View Simmer Down, Silver Sands 4BR

I could stay forever!

I absolutely enjoyed my stay. Everything was right at my fingertips. The most stress-free process! Lisa, the staff, the home…everything was perfect! A truly blessing to have worked with them to make this trip the most memorable…..forever grateful XXOO

5 Stars

Absolutely breathtaking The stuff was warm attentive. The only sit back was the Wi-Fi for me. I would do it all over again the beach is to die for surrounding area is quiet and peaceful lovely experience i'll never forget this place I would do it all over again I had my 50th birthday dinner There and I was please.The view is breathtaking.


This Villa is Amazing! We had the best time! My 60th birthday celebration was Amazing! The staff was so great! Thank you to everyone, Richie, Ms. Rosie, Ricardo, Kaylyn, and Monique. Thank you to Lisa for helping make this trip the best! I look forward to coming back! The food was better than great!! Our group of 8 was in awe! The view, the house and the rooms were excellent. Thank you again!!

Best Time of My Life

I absolutely loved the staff! They made sure that every detail of my stay was perfect! The house was so beautiful the location amazing! The beach to die for! I truly had the time of my life! The k you to the chef, Nadine, Grego, and Ki-ann! Im will definitely be back!

5 Stars

We are frequent travelers, so the bar is very high when it comes to luxury accommodations, service, food and location. The villa was gorgeous, spacious and kept immaculately. With a group of 12, we never felt crowded. The rooms and ensuites were very large with plenty of storage space for those of us who like to unpack. We also loved that we could control the air from our rooms. The villa is minutes from the airport and close to shopping and excursions. Having the van is a must, and it was already ready on-demand, for both local trips and ventures out. The food was exceptional! Chef was extremely easy to work with and very accommodating. There wasn't an ask that went unmet. Many in our group are of Jamaican heritage, so we know good Caribbean cuisine. We didn't have one disappointed guest at any meal. Planning the menu was very easy, we selected several must-have dishes and let Chef be creative from there. Staff...amazing! Valentino and team are world-class, white-glove all the way. Professional, kind, accommodating, attentive, knowledgeable, great personalities...they were one of the best parts of the trip. On the last night, we celebrated one of couple/s 20th wedding anniversary. This was not planned before the trip, but Valentino and team went all out to make it enchanted (including a special cake and live band). My only suggestion is to add air conditioning to the common areas indoors. We did not enjoy the beautiful spaces much at all because in July it was oppressively hot indoors. But again, the bedrooms are perfectly cool.

Everything was absolutely wonderful

First of all, thanks to Mike for everything. Such a welcoming host, answered all of our questions immediately. The Villa was absolutely perfect for the week. Right on the beach, right next to the beach bar for a quick cocktail or a bite. The convenience store less than 100 yards away sells some basics for the house, ice cream, and the local Bahamas Rum for like $15-20 a liter. The supermarket a mile away has everything you need if you like to prepare all your meals yourself. We found that the liquor store next to Solomons supermarket was almost twice the price as the smaller liquor store about a half mile down the road. All in all it was an excellent week, excellent vacation. Extremely relaxing. Had fun with our neighbors a couple nights from down south. Coolibah had all the necessities you needed. Very durable blender as We used it almost hourly for the whole week. LOL. We will be back in the future.
by Jason on 08/17/2021 View Coolibah Beachfront at Palm Cay

4 Stars

I selected Starfish Isle for our family vacation. Everyone loved the location and the condo. It provided what a group of 7 needed adequately. Staff at Palm Cay helpful and friendly. Your fact sheet was quite useful in planning activities. The views from beach are breathtaking as well as our accessibility to it. 
by Theresa on 08/15/2021 View Starfish at Palm Cay

Amazing Stay with Amazing Staff

Let me set the stage - two families with 7 kids between us ranging from 1 to 15 years old. It's a recipe for disaster, but we were pleasantly surprised. Pre Trip: Before our trip, Lisa got all of our details prepared and communicated often. We were able to provide our preferred meals early and Chef Morti didn't disappoint (more on this later). Details on arrival, pick up, COVID testing and departure were all laid out for us in an organized email. Arrival and Driver: Upon arrival at MBJ airport, we experienced typical delays at Customs - nothing unexpected. We got to meet our wonderful driver Roy when we exited the customs hall. Quick tip, have ~$20 cash handy for the porter that will help you get your bags to your awaiting car. We contracted our driver for the entire trip and it was totally worth it. Definitely recommend doing the same. Roy was great - knew the history of the island and was always super patient explaining sites to us. He even took us various famous Cool Runnings filming sites! The House: Upon arrival to the Golden Castle Villa, the staff was waiting at the door for us. They helped get our luggage in the door and showed us around. Golden Castle is a massive home on the top of a hill with amazing views of the Caribbean sea. All of the bedrooms are suites (with in-suite bathrooms) and cold air conditioning. The main areas of the villa are not air conditioned, however. The pool is massive and well maintained. Half of the kids in our group were in the pool within the first 10 minutes of arrival. Some of the furniture in the villa was a bit dated, but nothing that made us cringe. The theater room was a hit. The basement had a musty smell (likely due to the saunas) but nothing unbearable. The grounds have a wide variety of fruit trees, including a Starfruit tree that the kids got to pick fresh fruit from! The house is right off the 11th fairway of the Cinnamon Hill Golf Course. A wayward tee shot could end up on the grounds, or even in the pool (it's about 225 yards from the white tees). We got a round of golf in and a mid round snack at the pool :). The Wifi was subpar and didn't work well in most of the upstairs bedrooms, but it was a blessing in disguise for us since it kept everyone together on the main floor or the pool area. The Staff: Our staff were spectacular. Jay was listed as "the butler" but he was more of a concierge. He took care of all of our needs while at the house. Chef Morti made amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner. They packed lunch for us when we had day trips planned to Ocho Rios and Negril. The cleaning ladies had the house looking spotless every day. Jay quickly learned our coffee/tea drinking habits and had fresh coffee and tea ready throughout the day. He even arranged special meals for our 1-year old without a request from us! He also made recommendations for day excursions based on the ages of the kids that worked out great (highly recommend The Blue Hole in Ocho Rios!). By the end of our stay, they felt like family. A side note - Lisa arranged our on-site COVID-19 testing, which was super convenient. Overall, we had an amazing experience and can't wait for a second trip.

5 Stars

Amazing location, wonderful staff!
by Sienna on 08/12/2021 View Coolibah Beachfront at Palm Cay

Home Away from Home

There are many beautiful villas in Montego Bay. However, without an awesome staff, the experience is never memorable. We felt like we were home!!! This is our 2nd time staying at the Nutmeg villa and we intend on visiting and staying at the villa on a yearly basis. In addition, Easy Vibes Exclusive Tours transportation is highly recommended. Superb services to include but not limited to recommending the best attractions in the country to make the experience even more memorable. Thank you Nutmeg and Easy Vibes Exclusive Tours transportation for taking great care of us!!! Nuff Respect!!
by Diane on 08/11/2021 View Nutmeg South, Montego Bay 4BR

Sunspot on the beach - fantastic!

This villa was everything I had imagined. First of all the pics reflected the property exactly as it is, but it was even more beautiful in person. The moment we arrived we observed their Covid protocols which helped to make us feel even safer (sanitization etc.) . The staff went above and beyond to cater to our needs and followed our menu and requests. The food was amazing - authentic Jamaican taste and had us asking for more. Kudos to Erica the House manager for staying on top of things and helping to coordinate my 10th wedding anniversary dinner with my friends and family. Her shared enthusiasm showed us how willing she was to go above and beyond to make our evening extra special. We enjoyed the pool, beachfront, games and all the amenities and could not have asked for anything else…it was simply Paradise! Special shout out to Lisa at Jamaican Treasures for taking care of the booking and everything leading up to this vacation. Time and money well spent.

Jamaican ShangriLa

The perfect setting for a week of family together ness.the Bob Marley song says it all. Don't worry about a thing. Everything going to be alright. Plenty of time to share the.past and hopes for the future

Incredible Beach Vaca

This was truly beyond expectations! Beautiful condo on the ocean with everything you could need. Stunning views! Located perfectly near the gym, pools, bar and restaurant. Gracious host who was available for any need. Relaxing and perfect! We can't wait to return!
by Brett on 08/09/2021 View Coolibah Beachfront at Palm Cay

Greatview Villa

Our stay at Greatview Villa was a memorable and great experience for our group. The Villa staff led by Aaron ad Jermaine were diligent and caring and provided us with a stress-free stay. The meals prepared by Chef's Oral and Rohan were outstanding and found a way to tantalize the palate of all of us including the kids. They were always seeking our input and integrated our requests seamlessly into the day-to-day menus. The staff with Gregory and Garrett were equally aplomb at always assisting us with our needs and the female staffers Donna and the other crew members were kind and considerate and very thorough keeping us organized and our rooms neat. Overall a great experience and I would recommend to anyone that Greatview Villa and Half Moon Resort are key ingredients to a wonderful Jamaican getaway.
by Antwan on 08/06/2021 View Greatview - Montego Bay 8BR


Michael was a fantastic host! He was always available to answer any questions. The unit was spacious and clean. 4 adults and 2 children had more than enough room. The beach was private and steps away from the unit.
by Heather on 08/05/2021 View Bahama Breeze Beachfront

5 Stars

I love to travel and this was the best vacation I've been on. It was 16 of us total. The villa was beautiful! The staff was so wonderful. Great food also! The showers wouldn't stay hot, and that's the only complaint I have. I will be definitely be back.

Grand 50th Celebrate

This Villa surpassed our expectations. Everything was clean, the staff was amazing. The food was outstanding. We will definitely return for years to come. This was the best vacation. We celebrated in Grand style.

A little piece of heaven

Beautiful condo. Furnishings were very comfortable as were the beds. Loved the huge kitchen. What a wonderful surprise to see a spice cabinet with some familiar favorites from home. Also nice that there were paper products, soaps and shampoos for bathrooms. Its nice not to have to do a huge shop when you are away for a few days. The grocery store was just like the states (we used the Ikea bag from the condo) and the liquor store next door to grocery was very convenient. View: It was amazing. This condo has a lot of outdoor seating which we loved. The bbq was so handy. The beach leading into the water has a lot of rocks so you might want to bring scuba/water shoes. The water was fantastic! you can find sea snails on the rocks. We did pay the $10 a day per person fee to use the bar and member pool. We spent a couple nights making friends with "Wey" the bartender. Ill miss my daily "Lime in the coconut" drink. The Pink Octopus restaurant was super yummy. If you can, order the whole snapper and a side of conch fritters or calamari. It was to die for. We ate a lot of fritters. Definitely book a stay at this wonderful place. We didn't have any issues besides the power that randomly seems to go out for about 30 minutes most days. It would be my recommendation to have a generator for that since one day it was out for a good part of the afternoon. We would definitely consider coming back. Thank you for renting your home to us.

5 Stars

If there was a 10-star rating, I would have chosen it. The entire process of acquiring the Villa was flawless with the assistance of Lisa at Jamaica Treasures. The accommodations and transportation to and from the airport, as well as for shopping were scheduled perfectly. Billy, our driver, provided excellent service and a very joyful personality. The staff at Tallawah treated us as royalty. They were very attentive of our every need. This is why we have already reserved our vacation stay for Tallawah next year.

Loved it

My/Our experience at Starfish at Palm Cay was wonderful, relaxing and enjoyable. The location was great. The house was amazing. All the necessary items we needed in a house was there (a home away from home). The beach was awesome. The water was nice, calm and warm 🙂 The Staff at the Beach Bar & Restaurant was so nice and friendly. We can't wait to return in the near future. I will definitely recommend this location to family and friends.
by Deloris on 07/27/2021 View Starfish at Palm Cay

Perfect Before - During and After

The team at Jamaica Treasures was phenomenal and the team that took care of us on-site was great as well We had a wonderful stay and will return again and again

5 Star Service & Accommodation

We cannot say enough about how amazing our stay was at Villa Christina. We planned this trip to celebrate my wife's birthday and we could not have asked for better place to stay in Jamaica. By the end of our trip, our entire group agreed that we would no longer stay at all-inclusive hotels because the staff at Villa Christina was that awesome! The villa itself is very modern and well kept and we enjoyed all the amenities on the property. The staff was attentive, professional, courteous and catered to our every need. The chef prepared delicious meals everyday and accommodated every request that was made. The staff went above and beyond on my wife's birthday and created memories that we will never forget. We will most certainly book this villa again and again! We cannot say enough wonderful things and highly recommend you make Villa Christina part of your next vacation to Jamaica.


Coral Cay is perfect for large groups of people. We had 9 couples and plenty of space to roam about. The food prepared by the staff was impeccable. Ms. Barbara and Ms. Pebbles make sure that our everyone was attended to. The entire staff worked hard to make sure that the grounds were clean at all times and that any repairs needing attention were fixed immediately. The pool and man made beach was beautiful. We had a wedding ceremony done by Michelle Phillips. Her and her team did a fabulous job making the grounds look beautiful. If you are planning a large party to go to Jamaica I 100% recommend Coral Cay. You WILL NOT be disappointed.
by Arrione on 07/23/2021 View Coral Cay - Ocho Rios 9 BR

Our new favourite place!

We had a fantastic stay at Queens Cottage. The villa could not have been more perfectly placed; right next to the beach. No detail was overlooked in making this villa feel like our home away from home. From the welcome basket on arrival to the backgammon for rainy days - the attention to detail was appreciated. Nadine and her team were great and spoiled us rotten from the moment we arrived. We absolutely cannot wait to go back!

Best Time of our life

We travel a lot, and this villa (Tallawah Villa) was the best. The views of the ocean were so beautiful. The villa staff was superb Annette, and Christopher gave us the best meals we had in a while. Hat's off to them. We will be coming back. The Housekeeper had to take care of 18 women. They did it with a smile. The staff was a joy to be around. Would you please not make any changes because they are the best? Oh yeah, I can't forget Chantley and Roy… We love them too.

Our stay was July 10 through July 17. At Pharos Summertime Villa - Montego Bay Jamaica

The staff was terrific. There were 8 staff members supporting our stay. Clarence - Cook = Great talent and ability and a super personality. Very cooperative and helpful. Oliver - Head Butler = Extremely experienced and willing to do anything and everything he could to help us have a delightful stat in Jamaica. Marguette - Housekeeper/Maid = Primarily was the maid and laundress. Her attention to details was great. Cleanliness of the rooms and the house in general was great. Samantha -- Assistant to Oliver = Great personality and very helpful in all duties, helping Oliver and waiting on the guests. My children loved her. Patrice -- Assistant in Housekeeping - We loved her manner, her sweetness and her smile. She did a great jub keeping the cleanliness of the villa excellent. Glen -- Gardener -- the plants, vegetables and trees and flowers and bushes were all in good shape. He stayed busy maintaining the grounds. Pete -- Security = Was very much in site and maintained a safe atmosphere daily. He checked on us daily morning and night. 
by Richard on 07/19/2021 View Pharos-Summertime- Montego Bay 6BR

5 Stars

The experience was again fabulous!! Raguel and Wendy were AWESOME!! They make coming back worthwhile.The entire Idle Awhile staff are true treasures. Nicolas was so very helpful. I hope to return again soon. There were some items with the house itself that could be improved upon.I left those recommendations with the resort.
by Leslie on 07/18/2021 View Idle Awhile, Mango, 2 BR, Negril

Probably The Best Caribbean Trip Of My Life

The location is great, villa is very clean, the cooks were friendly and the food was excellent, and the Butler was great! Absolutely coming back soon and staying in the same villa. Great experience for us all!


Santa Margherita is a wonderful property located in a gated community with access to Silver Sands beach and amazing views. The property is well appointed and decorated. The private pool and large patio are amazing. I also can not go without mentioning the wonderful staff. Ms Jennifer (Head Chef) and Ms Andrea took care of everything for us going above and beyond with any of our requests. The food was amazing and the laundry service done by Ms Andrea is such a great change from what we are used to. The cleaning and made beds every day allowed us to enjoy our vacation to the max. We did have to stay at a resort as we had an 3 extra days in Jamaica but thoroughly missed the villa. I would highly recommend this property for all it's amenities and great price. Lisa, the manager was also great to work with and easy to contact. Reviewer location - Casper, Wyoming Date of arrival - June 22, 2021
by Rhett on 07/17/2021 View Santa Margherita, Silver Sands

Felt like home!

Cliffside is beautiful, from the sea views to the well maintained grounds. The staff is warm, friendly and cater to every need! It felt like going to visit your favorite auntie's house for vacation!