Just when you thought Jamaica couldn’t be a more fantastic vacation destination, this Caribbean Island reveals itself to be packed full of flavor too. After a day of hiking lush forests, lounging on white sand beaches, enjoying reggae music and taking in the turquoise waves, chances are you’ll be ready to attend to your taste buds. When you’re looking to make the most of beachfront dining that comes with a savory menu and a warm and welcoming ambiance, be sure to make some time for a stop at Bamboo Blu while you’re visiting the island.

A Taste of Tradition at Bamboo Blu Restaurant
Bamboo Blu is a beautiful and inviting culinary destination situated in Ocho Rios in Mammee Bay Estate. Sand and sea make up the exterior of Bamboo Blu and guests who drop by for a meal are quickly captivated by the natural beauty that awaits. No matter where you turn, palm trees and the Caribbean Sea hold your attention, setting the perfect scene for a seafood or traditional Jamaican meal quite unlike any other you’ll find. This secluded and intriguing venue is popular for guests looking to book a private party but its reputation for excellence also makes it a place frequented by locals and visitors alike. As an added bonus, guests to Bamboo Blu have a variety of seating and dining options as the restaurant sits on a privately-owned beach. Enjoy eating under a thatched roof patio or lounge in a beach chair and enjoying dining island style. Cabana beds and a private garage for those arriving with a vehicle add to the comfort and convenience factor of a meal at Bamboo Blu.

Savor the Selections
Bamboo Blu Restaurant serves up a wide variety of traditional Jamaican and Caribbean fare, much of which highlight freshly caught seafood. Pasta and burgers are always available for those craving something that leans American or Italian, but when you’re in the mood for home-style cooking, be sure to order the lobster, grilled shrimp or specialty jerk chicken or pork plates. When it comes to pairing your plate with just the right beverage, Bamboo Blu is known for it’s listing of beautifully garnished and handcrafted cocktails designed to reflect the beauty and flavor of the island. Sit back, relax, savor the flavors and take in the amazing view when you choose to dine at Bamboo Blu during your next Jamaican adventure.

Make the Most of Your Stay
Whether you’re headed to Ocho Rios, Montego Bay or the many destinations in between, the team at Jamaican Treasures has the beautiful vacation rental villa you’ve been searching for. Contact us today for more information and to start planning your trip!