5050 Lounge

Traveling to the beautiful island of Jamaica is only the beginning when it comes to options for authentically connecting with the people, culture, and landscape that make up this dynamic destination. For many visitors, getting out into nature is a fantastic way to get a feel for the heartbeat of island living. Between the hidden away waterfalls and coves to captivating rainforests and mountains, Jamaica brings a sense of versatility that’s difficult to top. The same could be said for the island culinary scene. While there are a variety of places offering fantastic and local fare, unique locales with international flair dot the island as well. When you’re looking for one of the best flavorful lounges in Jamaica that also provides hookah, head over to 5050 Lounge on Montego Bay for an amazing island experience you won’t soon forget.

A Hookah Hangout with Fine Dining Options

This cozy and upscale hot Jamaica bar in Montego Bay is popular amongst both locals and visitors looking to come and enjoy a quaint setting that provides plenty of warmth, welcome and exclusive dining options upon arrival. 5050 Lounge is located at 8 Bogue Estate and caters to a crowd looking to enjoy a delicious meal followed by Hookah in an atmosphere that’s intriguing, dimly lit and encourages guests to mix and mingle in a friendly atmosphere. While the menu is robust, 5050 Lounge is loved for its friendly and attentive service standards and is open for enjoying from 11:00 am until 2:00 am daily most days of the week.

Menu Favorites at This Jamaica Bar

5050 Lounge features a variety of island-inspired, Caribbean and Jamaican options on the menu, making a dining experience here as flavorful as it is versatile. Visitors with a passion for seafood will find their palate pleased with shrimp, salmon, and fish of the day no more than an order away. Jerk chicken, rice and pulled pork options are also readily available upon request when you’re looking to cure a craving. When it’s time to pair your plate, do so with the help of an extensive wine list or ask for a specialty handcrafted cocktail when you’re in the mood for even more flavor. When dinner is done, retire to one of the best lounges in Jamaica and enjoy a Hookah experience alongside friends. No matter how you spend your time, 5050 Lounge is a one of a kind stop in Jamaica that you won’t want to miss.

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