Experience the Colorful Jamaica Carnival

Jamaican TreasuresEventsExperience the Colorful Jamaica Carnival

While there are many reasons to make your way to Jamaica, there’s no more vibrant time of year on this Caribbean island than the end of April when Carnival comes to town. The Jamaica Carnival is a fun and festive event is a multi-day party with a more the merrier attitude towards celebration. With a little over 4,000 square miles of island beckoning visitors to come explore and enjoy, Jamaica is a destination that seems small but comes with big opportunities for fun. Those who love the sand and sun come to relax and unwind in style. Others come for the music while some are drawn in by the flavorful approach to life.

Fun for Everyone at the Jamaica Carnival

Carnival is known worldwide but when it happens in Jamaica, the energy and fun are taken to a new level of excellence. Guests to Jamaica during Carnival will be met with a variety of performances, activities, and opportunities to celebrate. While many of the highlight events take place in Ocho Rios and Kingston, the party has a way of extending across the island too. Those who love music will find these destinations packed with stages ready for breathtaking performances. From dance to vocals and the many costume contests in between, there’s never a dull moment when the Jamaica Carnival is in full swing.

Beyond the Music

Parades are commonplace during the Jamaica Carnival with elaborate costumes on full display. Guests can enjoy these moments free of charge while many musical performances require a ticket purchased in advance. Beyond the music, guests to Carnival in Jamaica will enjoy the added benefit of a seemingly endless number of food vendors offering up savory international and traditional dishes. Many restaurants in Kingston and Ocho Rios provide Carnival specials during this time as well giving guests the chance to explore the island and celebrations through a variety of flavors. While some carnival events are marketed as adult-only experiences, there are just as many family-friendly opportunities to get out and enjoy this highly anticipated celebration. With so much music, food and fun around, Jamaica is hard to resist when Carnival is calling.

Set Off for an Island Stay

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