The island of Jamaica has a reputation for tropical greatness and of course, its Reggae Month event. This sunny destination has long been looked to by travelers as a place that provides scenic beauty, unsurpassed views, and opportunities to enjoy the sand, sun, and surf unlike anywhere else in the world. While Jamaica has made a name for itself in the getaway department, in 2008 the Ministry of Culture alongside the Jamaican Reggae Industry Association made a plan to turn Jamaica into the ultimate destination for Reggae music too. Out of this commitment to the arts, Reggae Month was born and has continued to be a highly anticipated event on the island ever since.

Music with Meaning
Jamaica is a country whose most authentic stories are often told through music. In the name of educating the public and world on Jamaica’s great gift of music through Reggae, it was decided that February would forever be set aside in honor and celebration of this musical genre. Since 2008, February has been an island highlight that brings up and coming Reggae artists as well as big-name celebrities to town. Concerts are held throughout the month in combination with educational activities and opportunities for visitors and locals to earn a new appreciation for this musical art form.

Reggae Month: An Event Linked to History
Over time, Reggae Month has garnered the attention and support of a large number of corporate and government sponsors, giving the event more reach and influence than ever before. In 2019, Reggae Month in Jamaica enjoyed the support of the Ministries of Tourism, Gender Affairs, Sports and Entertainment. It is estimated that over 40,000 guests attend this event on an annual basis. Between the food, fun, and performances, there are countless reasons for making your way to Jamaica and experiencing Reggae Month at its finest. Some of the highlight events each year include Bob Marley’s Birthday Celebration as well as a Dennis Brown tribute concert held at the waterfront in Kingston.

Always More to Explore
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