Rio Grande River

When planning a trip to Jamaica, its easy to fall in love with visions of white sand beaches, gently rolling waves and turquoise waters that stretch for miles into the horizon. While the island is most-definitely a place for rest and relaxation, it is packed with natural wonders that shouldn’t be overlooked. Many rivers run through Jamaica and the Rio Grande should definitely be on your list of must-see island destinations. When you’re staying in Portland Parish, move a trip to the Rio Grande to the top of the list and be prepared to be inspired by nature.

Where the Rio Grande River in Jamaica Runs Free

Named by Spanish explorers that occupied the island of Jamaica during the 15th and 16th centuries, Rio Grande translates to mean Big River. Rugged, lush terrain and sometimes choppy waters make this river an incredible sight to behold. It holds the title of Jamaica’s largest river at a distance of over 3,000 kilometers. The river is home to some of the island’s most captivating wildlife and works as a central feature of many tropical ecosystems in the area.

Rafting Tourism

Today, many people travel to Jamaica exclusively for the joy of rafting down the Rio Grande River in Jamaica on one of the infamous bamboo rafts. While a rafting trip down the river is bound to be eye-opening and exciting, the history behind rafting goes far beyond tourism. During the days of Jamaica’s banana trade boom, locals utilized these durable rafts to move merchandise quickly towards the coast where they would be exported to international destinations. As the banana trade faded into obscurity, the rafts were repurposed in the name of tourism and recreation.
Lush valleys, beautiful wildlife and a chance to swim at scenic stops make a rafting tour down the Rio Grande in Jamaica worth your while. Licensed guides are able to customize tours to run anywhere from 2-3 hours in length and make sure to point out beautiful stops along the way. While it’s a leisurely ride, it’s also one that’s seeped in history making it a great way to complete your Jamaican experience.

Ride the River and Savor the Stay

A trip to Jamaica’s Portland Parish is a wonderfully immersive experience with equal parts nature and novelty waiting to be discovered. While you’re here, let the team at Jamaican Treasures take care of your vacation accommodation details so you can get out on the river and fall in love with an experience you won’t soon forget. We’ll help you book a villa or beachside cottage that meets your every need. Contact us today to begin planning your next trip to Rio Grande in Jamaica.