Reach Falls

Jamaica may only be a single island in the sea, but it’s packed to the brim with beauty, beaches and hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. One of the most tucked away and brilliantly beautiful landmarks the island calls its own is Reach Falls. With a rich history behind it and a future that’s made to inspire locals and visitors alike, a trip to Reach Falls when you’re visiting Jamaica is an absolute must-do on the itinerary.

Jamaica Points of Interest – Historical Discovery

Pristinely tucked away in eastern Portland, Reach Falls is said to have originally been discovered by slaves looking to escape the harsh plantation life they were being forced to live in St. Thomas Parish. When you first lay eyes on Reach Falls, it’s easy to see why this stunning natural wonder would make an ideal hideout. Natural rock caves have been designed by constant water flow and sit perfectly invisible behind the watery curtains, making for secluded areas safe from the eyes of passerby’s.

Making the Most of Your Visit

As part of the greater Montane Forest, Reach Falls is today owned by the government of Jamaica and under their current supervision status, cannot be used as a destination for sales. For visitors, this means an encounter with untouched beauty that comes with the added benefit of few to no crowds. Upstream tours can be organized with local officials, but many visitors choose to simply come and enjoy the tropical jungle view with a simple picnic lunch in hand. The caves are open for exploration and make a wonderful and exciting journey through a rocky path that leads to the top of the falls. Swimming is allowed in the pristine and shallow pools that surround the cascades for those who prefer a dip in the water.

Plants and Wildlife

Photographers, bird waters and those with a passion for plants will fall in love with a stop at Reach Falls for the opportunity to make the most of all three. The contrast between cascades, tropical foliage, and colorful blooms provides the perfect frame for unbeatable photographic moments. Reach Falls is also home to some of the island’s most spectacular flowers and plants. This area alone is home to over 20 species of ferns and is endlessly dotted with vibrant hues and blooms. Yellow and black-billed parrots are commonly spotted at Reach Falls and if you keep your eyes open, you just might spot a wild pig or two as they travel through on their way to scrounge up food. This is one of the most popular Jamaica points of interest!

Enjoy an Island Stay

There’s nothing like a day spent cascade watching. Whether you come for the wildlife, waterfalls or excitement of swimming in a jungle pool, you’ll want to be sure to have an island vacation home booked that helps you rest up in style for the next day’s adventures. The team at Jamaican Treasures are happy to provide the expert insight required to book a vacation home that keeps you close to the fun and provides the privacy you need. Contact us today to start planning your Jamaican getaway!