Rastafari Indigenous Village

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Montego Bay, Jamaica is a destination many travelers set their sights on in the name of pristine beaches, surf, and sun. Gentle waves and wonderful weather call to the island-seeker in all of us. Palm trees swaying in the breeze make for an idyllic location when you’re looking to get away from it all, but for those looking for a vacation with a purpose beyond the rest and relaxation that are guaranteed, a trip to the Rastafari Indigenous Village is in order. Sitting just outside the boundaries of Montego Bay, the Rastafari Indigenous Village in Jamaica is a wonderful way for guests to immerse themselves in a culture and religion that defines this very region, if only for a day.

Living History and Culture- Rastafari Indigenous Village

While the modern world lifts Rastafari Bob Marley up as the icon of this religion, the intricate roots date back to the religion’s founding in Jamaica in the 1930’s. The Rastafari Indigenous Village works as an educational experience for guests looking to understand the details of the Rastafari. While the Rastafari are often recognized by their long dreadlocks, guests may be interested to learn that this tradition isn’t a mandatory decree, but rather an aesthetic choice by followers.

On-Site Activities

While visiting the Rastafari Indigenous Village, guests will have the opportunity to participate and watch a number of events and activities that bring the culture of this vibrant group of people to life. Music is central to the Rastafarian way of life, and Rastafari at the village are happy to demonstrate how traditional drums are made. Crafted with traditional techniques that have been filtered down through generations, guests get a close look at how the skills of a Rastafari make their way through the decades intact. Though it may not be common knowledge, Rastafari follow a vegan diet and while touring the village, guests have the opportunity to try a vegan meal alongside residents. Take a look at the origins of the meal’s creation with a tour of an organic vegetable garden. Tour guides are happy to help guests understand the many benefits a diet of this type provides and how organic herbs can boost flavor in incredible ways!

An Unforgettable Performance

Whether guests choose a half day or full day tour of the Rastafari Indigenous Village, all visitors are treated to a truly unforgettable musical performance before they go. Let yourself indulge in the rhythm and don’t forget to swing by the on-site craft store before you go to pick up a souvenir that will always remind you of this one-of-a-kind experience in Jamaica.

Stay, Learn and Enjoy

Jamaica is a wealth of culture, history and music. When you’re here and excited to try it all, be sure to let the team of experts at Jamaican Treasures book your Montego Bay vacation villa. We’ll keep you conveniently close to those experiences you won’t want to miss while providing a property that brings the luxury you deserve. Contact us today to start planning your adventure!