Port Antonio

The luxurious appeal of Jamaica has long beckoned to travelers looking for that idyllic destination packed with white sand beaches, bright blue waves and an atmosphere that encourages rest and relaxation. Perhaps the best part about a trip to Jamaica is the fact that while the island is relatively small, it’s still possible to pick and choose destinations based on their unique and exclusive features. Port Antonio in Jamaica is an exquisite destination for travelers looking for an experience that balances seamlessly between glamorous and rustic.

Attractions in Jamaica – A Transformed Destination

The banana trade industry had Port Antonio in Jamaica marked once upon a time as the island’s most luxurious point of interest. It called to the likes of Grace Kelly who often frequented the area in the name of escaping the spotlight. Over time and in step with an ever-evolving trade industry, Port Antonio has transformed into an area of gentle grace and rustic-chic establishments that invite a traveler to take a closer look at what it means to explore Jamaica as a culture and natural destination. Tucked into the island’s northeast corner, Port Antonio works as a gateway to the island’s many jungles, forests, and hidden waterfalls. While these natural wonders are worth seeing for yourself, the area is also known for its spectacular vistas and delicious dining establishments that define Port Antonio as a food lovers paradise. Charming island markets standing alongside upscale restaurants make this destination a place to indulge the senses. Authentic as it is accessible, Port Antonio is truly a place that provides a highlight of all that is wonderful and wild about Jamaica.

Nearby Attractions

Just as it is with the rest of Port Antonio, there are just as many natural attractions to enjoy in this area as there are reminders of the area’s dedication to tourism and luxury. Visitors to Port Antonio will want to make time to drop by and see Frenchman’s Cove renowned for its glimmering white sand beaches and tranquil atmosphere. From there, make your way towards the Jamaica Palace Hotel. Towering columns, a checkerboard terrace, and impressive façade make this colonial mansion an awe-inspiring work of architecture to behold. When put in contrast with its natural and lush surroundings, it’s another moment where it’s easy to recognize the blend of glamour and down-to-earth experiences it’s possible to have in Port Antonio. These are some of the most popular attractions in Jamaica!

Step into Island Culture

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