Negril Cliffs


Jamaica captivates visitors with its lush foliage, white sand beaches and intoxicating ambiance built on fun, color and a carefree outlook on all that comes your way. Those looking to get away from the grind of everyday life often flock to Jamaica in the name of music, delicious dining and an opportunity to soak up the sun in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Guests to this stunning island who are looking for all of this alongside a breathtaking vantage point will want to make their way to Negril. There’s nothing quite like seeing beauty from towering heights and Negril provides the perfect opportunity.

Cliffside Views- Negril Cliff Jamaica

Towering nearly 40-feet above the blue sea below, the Negril Cliffs provide a dramatic backdrop for any visitor setting their sights on the west end of this Jamaican destination. The stark stone stands in stunning contrast to the foliage and water that surrounds it, making it a beautiful place to come and enjoy the view. Photographers will want to make the most of incredible panoramic opportunities offered up from this amazing vantage point. As peaceful as they are pristine, the Negril Cliffs in Jamaica are a wonderful way to spend an evening and make for the ideal location when you’re in the mood to watch the sun burn down over the horizon.

Added Adventure

While many will come for the incredible view, others regularly come for the added adventure. Locals and visitors alike make their way to the cliffs for a chance to jump from their towering heights into the cool waters below. While this isn’t recommended for everyone, hardly a day passes by when visitors aren’t able to watch experienced divers gracefully and acrobatically maneuver from the cliff fronts.

Rick’s Café

If you’re looking for a place to grab a bite while taking in the adrenaline pumping sight of cliff divers in Negril, Rick’s Café at the cliffs is the place to be. This locale is constantly buzzing with energy and provides an amazing platform to enjoy the thrilling view with a delicious tropical drink in hand. Complete with music and an ever-revolving menu of delicious options, Rick’s is a great stop when you’re in the area. Tucked along W. End Road, Rick’s provides a full-service bar and is located at 35-feet up in the air, making it a prime destination for sunset gazers to enjoy a night of spectacular views alongside adventurous cliff divers.

A Villa Stay in Negril

The thrill of the Negril Cliffs isn’t ever far when you book a vacation villa with Jamaican Treasures. Our portfolio of luxurious properties keeps you close to the action while immersed in island beauty, comfort and convenience. Contact us today to start planning your next adventure in Negril!