Mayfield Falls

A vacation to Jamaica can be captivating in its promise of sun, surf, sand, and simplicity. On the other hand, it might just be the island’s complex maze of intriguing ecosystems that captures your attention. From vast tropical jungles to hidden away waterfalls, there’s much more to the island than first meets the eye. Those visitors who are willing to get into the heart of Jamaica’s natural beauty will be endlessly pleased with a trip to Mayfield Falls.

Things to See in Jamaica – Unsurpassed Beauty

Located in Glenbrook Westmoreland Jamaica, Mayfield Falls is nestled along the shores of the Mayfield River. Those visitors looking for a stop that keeps crowds at a minimum and ecological wonder at the top of mind will love Mayfield Falls for its combination of both. Hidden away in the heights of the surrounding mountains, Mayfield Falls is a series of cascades and gentle pools that make for a peaceful stop and an incredible encounter with nature at its finest. The area is comprised of 21 small pools that dot the surrounding larger waterfalls. This means that a single visit has the potential to lead to a day’s worth of pristine pool hopping. Visitors making their way towards Mayfield Falls in the name of fantastic foliage will love the tropical flowers that call this area home. Bright and larger than life, the rich mountain soil surrounding Mayfield Falls keeps plants thriving no matter what time of the year you arrive.

Wildlife and Natural Wonders

Bird spotters will have a wonderful chance to admire the many colorful species of feathered creatures that flock to Mayfield Falls. The quiet and undisturbed nature of this area makes it easy to listen in on unique island calls. Those with a heart for exploration will appreciate the search for the many underwater caves that make up this region. Feel free to sets your sights on both land, sky, and water when you make time to visit and admire Mayfield Falls. If you’re looking for a bit of guidance and history when it comes to exploring the falls, tours can be arranged with local experts that generally depart from the location in Montego Bay. Plan on spending a day here with so much to see, experience and explore. These are some of the best things to see in Jamaica!

A Cascade-Filled Stay

Jamaica is home to a variety of captivating cascades and when you’re here, you’re going to want to book a vacation rental that keeps you close to the waterfalls you’re waiting to explore. The team at Jamaican Treasures brings a passion for customizing every guest’s stay by matching them with a property that brings comfort, convenience, and style. Let us take care of the details so you can get out and admire the view. Contact us today to begin planning your island escape.