Martha Brae River

Jamaica is home to a vast number of natural wonders that are worth both visiting and admiring. But perhaps one of the most well-loved natural features this island has to offer is the Martha Brae River. A jewel of the island’s northern coast encompassed by Trelawny Parish, the Martha Brae River is located a mere 6-miles south of Falmouth, making it a convenient destination for vacation excursions. The Martha Brae River is home to some of the island’s most intriguing marine life and provides some of the tourism industry’s most exciting adventures.

Places of Interest in Jamaica – Rafting and Beyond

While all rafting excursions are made to thrill, there’s nothing quite like a trip down the Martha Brae River on a bamboo raft to heighten the senses and thrill the imagination. A well-loved tourist excursion, the Martha Brae River is the sight of some of the island’s most awe-inspiring down-river trips. Rafter’s Village is the most common embarkation site and a destination made to admire in its own right. 6-acres of rolling green lawns complete with souvenirs shops, restaurants, bars and pools mean guests will have a fun-filled adventure waiting for them before they even board their raft! This is one of the most popular places of interest in Jamaica!

A River Ride Unlike any Other

For over 40-years, licensed raft captains in Jamaica have been guiding tourists down the Martha Brae River for a once-in-a-lifetime look at this stunning feat of nature. Bamboo rafts designed specifically for this type of tour generally range in length from 30 to 35-feet making for both a safe and comfortable ride. Tours cover a pristine three-miles of the river and last anywhere from 1-2 hours. Along the way, captains provide opportunities for guests to take a dip in these infamous waters. River rafters can plan on enjoying a variety of legends, tales, and stories that make this river an intriguing part of Jamaica’s natural history. Many guests disembark at a point referred to as Martha’s Rest where they can relax in a lounge area, shop for souvenirs or sip something sweet at the bar. Whether you’re intrigued by natural beauty, hoping to learn more about the island’s history or just curious about where the river might take you, a trip down the Martha Brae River is sure to please.

Break Away from the Ordinary

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