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There’s a special company in Jamaica who understands that tours should not be one-size-fits-all. They know that every family has their own mix of interests, that a new country can be intimidating, and that vacations should be relaxing. Island Transfer and Tours specializes in taking care of its customers by handling their transportation and showing them the wonders of Jamaica.

A Touch of Personal Care

Island Transfer and Tours devote themselves to customer service on an individual level. If you book with them, you’ll get private taxi services or private tours throughout the island. There’s no need to stress about finding your way or driving on the left side of the road—you’ll have someone with you who knows the island like the back of their hand. They offer transfer services from any of Jamaica’s airports. Plus, booking through them can save you money you’d need to spend on a rental car!

And for private tours, why roll the dice on who you spend your afternoon or morning with? Why not have a van all to yourselves, where your personal tour guide can take your family’s needs first and pick up quickly on what interests you the most? It’s perfectly achievable with the services of Island Transfer and Tours.


The starting price for these tours usually begins between $50 and $90, though there are some cheaper tours that start around $40 and full-day excursions that cost over $150. Taxi services vary depending on how many people are coming along and the distance of the trip.

Where to Go?

The company is based out of Montego Bay, but offers tours throughout the island’s north side. Many of their tours highlight Jamaica’s bountiful natural beauty. Hikes through scenic trails, visiting waterfalls, rafting, and tubing are all popular options. From certain parishes, Island Transfer and Tours also offer Bob Marley-focused tours, showing visitors his home and recording studio and teaching them about his childhood.

Where to Stay?

The answer: with Jamaican Treasures! We go above and beyond to make you feel like you’re the center of the world for your stay in Jamaica. Every villa we offer features a chef, housekeeper, and pool man, so you feel like the vacation is tailor-made for you. Our properties are like mini-paradises, accentuating Jamaica’s natural beauty with stunning man-made designs. Book with us, and you’ll have an amazing vacation you’ll never forget.

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