Greenwood Great House

The community of Greenwood in St. James has something of which to be proud. No, it’s not the beautiful landscapes, lush gardens, and manicured lawns, it’s Greenwood Great House. a building steeped in history and distinguished by its astounding architecture, elaborate decor, and quaint furniture. Whether you’re a history buff or you just like old buildings that take you back to a different era, visiting Greenwood Great House should be on top of your agenda while you’re vacationing in St. James. Spend the day touring this most original of houses in all of Jamaica while you learn something about the life of the man who built it.

A House with a History

The family that built the house, the Barretts, go all the way back to 1655 when Hersey Barrett set sail from England. Having failed to capture Hispaniola, he found Jamaica much easier to conquer. He was granted land and the family prospered after him. But by 1795 most of the family had decided to return to England—except for Richard Barrett. He loved Jamaica so much he became the Speaker of the House and then built Greenwood Great House. It took five years to finish, but by 1800 it was ready. It was mainly used for entertainment purposes, and you can see why when you take a guided tour of the house.

Guided Tours

As far as the historical integrity of the place is concerned, this museum has won many awards for heritage preservation and its architecture. It is even considered a national monument in Jamaica. Having survived the slave rebellion of 1831, the house has a great collection of antiques, musical instruments, and plantation library books. Price of admission is $20, and the guided tour lasts for 45 minutes. The tour guide will give you a history of the place and many of the antiques you see there. Greenwood Great House is located at 435 Belgrade Avenue, St. James, Jamaica. You can call them at 876-631-4701 or email them for more information.

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