Dunn’s River Falls and Park

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While Dunn’s River Falls and Park is an iconic must-see destination for anyone traveling to Ocho Rios it’s glistening cascades and incredible beauty make it one of the most sought-after sites in all of Jamaica. This unique and stunning natural feature both inspires visitors by its resilience and beckons them to come task a stroll up its travertine facade. Whether you’re here for the view or hoping to get your feet wet and test your balance on the rocks, Dunn’s River Falls is worth a visit.

A Historical View- Dunn’s River Falls And Park

While many visitors will travel to Dunn’s River Fallsfor the view and the climb, history buffs will love the fact that these springs have roots with historical relevance dating back to 1657. It has long been believed that the battle of Las Chorreras, which translates to “the waterfalls,” was fought on this very ground. This epic encounter between the Spanish and the English resulted in the English claiming the island as their own. It is believed that the city’s current name of Ocho Rios was derived from the sound of the name Las Chorreras. While it is implied the city has eight rivers, visitors will find only four waiting for them.

A Captivating Cascade

At 180 feet high, Dunn’s River Falls is a breathtaking sight to behold. Sediment found in the water continually builds up the natural stone steps that make Dunn’s River Falls worth a gentle climb. While it takes anywhere from 1-hour to 1.5-hours to complete the guided journey, guests enjoy stunning views of the waterfall and surrounding lush foliage. Stairs are built alongside the falls for those craving the view without jumping in.

Park Activities

The natural trajectory of Dunn’s River Falls makes it an ideal location for beach goers once the cascade trek is complete. Dunn’s River Falls empties directly into the sea, making the base of the falls the perfect place for visitors to take in some sand and sun when their adventure is done. If you’re traveling with children, a short trip to the central gardens will be worth your while where adults enjoy an impressive display of foliage and little ones can enjoy the on-site splash pad complete with a waterslide! Before you go, be sure to swing by the craft market for a chance to purchase that one-of-a-kind souvenir you’ve been searching for.

The Vacation Villa of your Dreams

The natural beauty of the water, lagoons, beach and island blooms makes a trip to Dunn’s River Falls and Park well worth a visit. When you’re looking to stay close to these exciting destinations in Ocho Rios, let the team at Jamaican Treasures know so we can help you book a luxurious vacation villa in the vicinity. Contact us today to get started!