Dolphin Discovery: Experience a Dolphins World!

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One of Jamaica’s many beauties are its beaches. But the glistening sand and pristine waters alone don’t make them fantastic—the delight of Jamaica’s beaches come from its wealth of marine life. Mesmerizing to watch and exciting to study, hours can be spent enjoying the aquatic creatures of Jamaica. But why stop there, when Dolphin Discovery can take you on a swim with them?

Marine Thrills

Dolphin Discovery is an international company that specializes in giving people a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to swim with dolphins. Whether a teenager, adult, or senior, nothing evokes a sense of wonder like having a dolphin glide past your ankles! Even children older than 1 can join, so long as accompanied by a paying adult.

Dolphins are cleverer than humans once gave them credit for and have unique needs as creatures. Dolphin Discovery understands this and has received recognition 15 years in a row for taking proper care of their favorite friends. While many dolphinariums have come under attack in recent years, Dolphin Discovery stands out as a role model for dolphin care. The International Marine Animal Trainers Association has recognized and awarded the company for their commitment to their animals’ well-being. The handlers are certified, and the dolphins are trained and comfortable around humans, so it’s a safe and enjoyable time for all involved!

Aquatic Options

There are three options at each location: Dolphin Encounter, Dolphin Adventure, and Royal Swim. Dolphin Encounter is a forty-minute program. As part of it, you’ll learn a lot about dolphin anatomy, social behavior, and more! Plus, you can even pet, kiss, and hug the dolphins! Dolphin Adventure, a fifty-minute program, lets you get just as close, but also teachers you about dolphin’s speed and athleticism—often first hand!

Their sixty-minute program, Royal Swim, goes even further: Trained dolphins will take you through the water! Whether tugging you along with their dorsal fins or teaming up to push your feet, this is one experience unlike anything else!

Depending on the location, other programs are also available such as swimming with stingrays or sharks! If that sounds dangerous, rest assured that that Dolphin Discovery devotes itself to the same level of care and conscientiousness, no matter which creature they’re working with.


One of the best parts of Dolphin Discovery is their accessibility; they boast three locations throughout the island! On the island’s northern edge, go to Dolphin Cove at Puerto Seco Beach in Discovery Bay. Or, visit Moon Palace for a dolphin adventure there. Near the northeastern edge, visit Dolphin Discovery’s Dolphin Cove in Montego Bay.

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