Doctor’s Cave Beach

When travelers consider a trip to Jamaica it may be images of Montego Bay that first spring to mind, and with good reason. This Jamaican destination has long been the thing of delightful dreams for those looking to make the most of a tropical getaway. White sandy beaches and tempting turquoise waters make up nearly every inch of this spectacular area. Combined with delicious dining establishments, iconic landmarks, and opportunities to mix and mingle with fellow travelers, it’s no wonder Montego Bay holds a special place in the hearts of those who return to this island time and again. Going a bit beyond the extraordinary nature of this destination, Doctor’s Cave Beach maintains a reputation for Montego Bay’s ultimate sand and sunspot.

Best Beaches in Jamaica – Highlights and History

Part of a greater beach club, Doctor’s Cave Beach was named for Dr. Alexander James McCatty, who donated the land in the hopes of creating a bathing club in the area during the early 1900s. While a hurricane that swept through Montego Bay in 1932 successfully destroyed a beautiful cave that once acted as the natural entrance to the beach, visitors to the beach today still enjoy the pristine waters that average temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
While many come for the beautiful experience, others come in the name of a story told long ago related to the waters potential healing powers. Sir Hubert Baker published a widely circulated article in the 1920s that declared he had been cured of several ailments after a dip in the waters at Doctor’s Cave Beach. While the effects can’t be authenticated, his declaration caused a massive influx of visitors from international destinations all seeking the miraculous cure the waters were credited with possessing. It also led to an economic boom in the area that resulted in the rise of several famous hotels, restaurants, and stores. Today, it is still common for visitors to show up at this beach in the name of miraculous healing. Whether you come for the medicinal benefits or are simply looking to experience a place of unsurpassed beauty, Doctor’s Cave Beach is a stop worth the trip.

A Montego Bay Stay

Montego Bay provides pristine views and ample opportunities to see what’s best about Jamaica, including some of the best beaches in Jamaica. When you’re here, be sure to book a villa with Jamaican Treasures for an exceptional visit you won’t soon forget. Expect superior customer service and beautiful properties that keep your personalized requests top of mind. Contact us today to start planning a Montego Bay vacation unlike any other!