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Off the Beaten Track – Road trip to Port Antonio – By Stephanie Harris of Jamaican Treasures

My ideal vacation is going to a new place and finding spots that locals like to eat, drink and play at to get a glimpse into a new culture.   Port Antonio, a small town about four hours east of Montego Bay, offers just that!  As it is off the beaten track, there are fewer tourists in this area and our villas will make you feel as if Port Antonio is your own natural playground especially for you.

One of the highlights of exploring Port Antonio was getting to see the Blue Lagoon, which should be considered one of the natural wonders of the world. The color of the Blue Lagoon is a spectacular turquoise blue and the temperature of the lagoon can be somewhat cold.  For many, many years, no one could find the bottom of the lagoon and it was thought to have been bottomless.  However, the lagoon is now known to be about 170-180 feet deep.

The beaches in Port Antonio are phenomenal and definitely worth the small entrance fee.  San San Beach is located closest to our Blue Lagoon Villas and is a private beach and has a small entrance fee of about $3US.  There are some amazing snorkeling spots right off San San Beach, as there are many reefs off the coast and legally enforceable fishing restrictions.

Within swimming distance from San San Beach is Pellows Island also known as Monkey Island that has it’s own small little beach.   Frenchman’s Cove is equally as beautiful and has a small entrance fee of about $7US and is within a short drive from our Blue Lagoon Villas.  For a local vibe, check out Winnifred Beach which doesn’t have an entrance fee and is quite popular to go to on Sundays.

There are other outdoor activities that couples or family groups will enjoy in Port Antonio.  Rio Grande rafting excursions are about 20-25 minutes from our Port Antonio Villas.  The homemade bamboo rafts are captained by licensed and skilled raft captains who use poles to drift down the river with 2 guests and 1 captain per raft.  Somerset Falls is about a 30-minute drive from our Port Antonio Villas.  You can swim in the falls or go on a boat ride or sit at the restaurant on site and enjoy food and drinks.

Although Port Antonio is much more quiet then other areas of Jamaica, there are still restaurants and bars to enjoy.  There is a restaurant named Anna Banana that is about a 5 minutes drive from our villas in the Blue Lagoon area.  This restaurant has local Caribbean cuisine and it’s own beach!  Woody’s Burgers is popular and boasts the best burgers in Jamaica and also has vegetarian burgers made from plantains.    Woody’s also offers 3 course Jamaican Meals if you phone them a day in advance.  Bushbar is a Jamaican Japanese Restaurant that is within the Gee Jam Resort but open to the public.  The semi outdoor restaurant that is set amid lush forest gives it a nice ambiance and there is live music by the Jolly Boys every Friday evening.  My favorite dining experience by far was driving 10 minutes east to Boston Bay where jerk was originated.  There are several jerk stalls to choose from but Micky’s is one of the largest and most popular.  Enjoy jerk chicken, jerk pork and jerk sausage along with sweet potato or breadfruit or festival.  There are also various stands offering fresh coconut water and fresh fruits.  Boston Bay is a must!

We just could not resist having local lunch at the famous Boston Jerk Center! Yum!

Rafting on the famous Rio Grand River in Port Antonio is a lifetime treat!

The famous Blue Lagoon with fabulous private villas perched on the waters edge.

The most famous Boston Jerk on the Island, 10 minutes drive from the Blue Lagoon. Why does Jerk taste better here than anywhere else in the world?  Because the grill the marinated meats on Jamaican pimento sticks, so the true flavor is slow cooked for hours and penetrates secret spices throughout to create this unique flavorsome island specialty.

We have several villas in our Blue Lagoon Villa collection ranging from 1BR Villas to 6BR Villas which are all within walking distance to the Blue Lagoon and can be combined for large groups:

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Norse Point (1BR)

San Cove (4BR)

San Bar (6BR)

Point of View (4BR)

Sea Star (5BR)

Bonne Amie (4BR) 

Crystal Cove (3BR)

Mamiti Blue (4BR)

 Avalon (4BR)