Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park

Jamaica has long been a beach lovers ultimate vacation destination. Dotted with pristine white-sand beaches and meticulously maintained shorelines, Jamaica offers up all the features of a fabulous and leisurely tropical getaway. However, it’s also home to some incredible history and natural wonders that inevitably capture the mind and imagination. Outdoor enthusiasts looking for an off-the-beaten-path island experience will enjoy a trek through the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park during your visit.

Jamaica Sightseeing – Wonders that Await

As Jamaica’s only national park, Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park makes for an exclusive and beautiful experience all around. Only an hour from Kingston, this national park is convenient to access and well worth the trip once you set your sights on the beauty it holds. Inspiring wildlife and thick, tropical terrain are at the beginning of what makes this destination so incredible. The Blue Mountain Peak which sits in the heart of this national park has earned the title of Jamaica’s highest point at a stunning 7,401 feet above the ground. The park itself covers over 101,000 acres of land and is home to truly spectacular hiking trails. In fact, those that are ready to lace up their boots and explore will enjoy over 9-miles of scenic routes with ample opportunity to admire tropical flowers, local butterflies and hidden away waterfalls that are endlessly intriguing. If you’re at the park with family, three recreational areas are clearly designated for stops, leisure, and entertainment along the way.

Protecting Jamaica’s Natural Wonders

While the Blue and John Crow Mountain National Park is made to be explored, it’s also highly protected land. Currently, the park falls under the supervision of the Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust. This team is passionately dedicated to maintaining the park’s many access points and routes as well as protecting the creatures and plants that call this area home. As a UNESCO world heritage site, this team has the added honor of being part of a project to conserve one of the world’s most treasured natural features. This wonderful park is one of the top places for Jamaica sightseeing!

Stay and Explore

Come to Jamaica for the beach but stay and explore the many more natural wonders this island offers. When you’re here, let the team at Jamaican Treasures book you a beautiful island villa perfect for a relaxing and luxurious stay. We’ll make sure you’re conveniently located near the beaches, landmarks and national parks you are here to discover. Coming back to an island villa that provides the ultimate in comfort makes your adventure that much brighter. Contact us to start planning today!