Black River Safari Boat Tour and YS Falls

Montego Bay is a pristine icon of the idyllic Jamaican getaway. This piece of paradise plays host to some of the island’s most beautiful beaches and vibrant crowds that come from near and far to enjoy the sun, surf and sand. What many may not know is that Montego Bay is also home to the island’s largest designated area of wetlands. Within this lush, tropical region lies a gem waiting to be discovered. When you’re here, you won’t want to miss out on an opportunity to explore both the YS Falls and grab a spot on a Black River Safari boat tour.

Black River Safari Tour – Jamaica’s Natural Wonders

Step off the beach and into Jamaica’s stunning rainforests with a boat tour down the Black River. Tranquil yet teeming with wildlife, a Black River Safari boat tour is generally a day-long excursion that begins with a smooth sail along the river bends. Guests on this tour will want to keep their eyes open for exciting encounters with the wildlife that call these waters home. It’s not uncommon for tours to come face to face with American crocodiles as well as a variety of colorful birds during this Black River Safari tour. Hidden waterfalls, mangroves and wild vegetation truly capture the essence of this area’s wild and untouched beauty.

YS Falls

At the end of your river tour, the YS Falls await. This spectacular natural scene is sure to capture the mind and imagination of visitors of all ages. While the falls were once part of a greater sugar cane operation, they have since been preserved and maintained as a stunning tourist attraction that equally works as a main feature of a diverse ecosystem. Comprised of seven large cascades, this scenery maintains energy and beauty that’s unsurpassed. Small pools dot the area and make for a wonderful place for a dip in the water. Enjoy the relaxing vibes and incredible view as your guide gives you a detailed history of this area and the many creatures it supports in its modern flowing form.

A Montego Bay Stay

Whether a trip to Jamaica means making the most of the sun and sand or getting out on the river and exploring the natural wonders of the jungle, you’ll want to be sure you have a vacation home booked that keeps you close to the fun. Let the team at Jamaican Treasures match you with a property that fits your taste and style. Comfortable, conveniently located and adorned with the luxurious extras you’re craving, we’ll be sure to make your Jamaican adventure unforgettable. Contact us today to start planning!