9 Mile In Jamaica

The countryside of St. Ann, Jamaica may look unassuming to those unaware of the history it holds but tucked away within a region fondly referred to as 9 Mile lies the birthplace of the legendary Rastafari and musician Bob Marley. Reached by traveling a winding maze of scenic country roads, 9 Mile in Jamaica is a popular destination for music lovers who still look to the work of Bob Marley as an anthem for peace, love and cultural harmony. This quiet yet colorful community remains a dedicated oasis of homage to the late singer and invites guests to come to pay their respects and admire the beauty that continues to reside in this very special place.

A Tour in Time- 9 Mile Jamaica

The highlight of any trip to Nine Mile in Jamaica is a tour of Bob Marley’s childhood home. Born and raised in the area until the age of 13, many of the famous singer’s lyrics were inspired by both the home he called his own as well as the surrounding community. Rastafari guides are happy to show visitors through the home, but photographers will need to set their equipment aside, as photography is strictly prohibited. Great attention to detail has been paid to maintain the interior furnishings as close to their original condition as possible and guests are informed that the majority of pieces have been only lightly resurfaced with fresh paint. Color abounds at this residence which proudly wears red, green and yellow on the doorways. After taking a closer look at all of the rooms in the small home, guides will give visitors a chance to see the rock pillow in the courtyard. It is upon this rock that those who knew him well say Bob Marley often found time to reflect and make room for creative inspiration.

The Final Resting Place

While Nine Mile in Jamaica saw the birth of Bob Marley, it is also his final resting place. Today, visitors who participate in the home tour will also have a chance to see the mausoleum where Bob, his half-brother Anthony, and their mother all keep above-ground tombs. Guests are asked to politely remove their shoes before entering the mausoleum, but once inside will find a plethora of items left by visitors honoring the late singer’s memory and legacy.

The Surrounding Area

Beyond the home and mausoleum tour, 9 Mile is dotted with charming souvenir shops as well as small restaurants and bars that make for a tasty stop. When you’re in the mood to try authentic Jamaican fare in a setting that Bob Marley would have approved of, 9 Mile is worth the visit.

Stay and Savor the Moment

With so much meaningful history at your fingertips, St. Ann and 9 Mile are difficult destinations to resist. When you’re planning your next Jamaican getaway, let the experts at Jamaican Treasures book your vacation villa so you can get out and enjoy all there is to see and do. Bringing the best of luxury, comfort and convenience is what we do best. Contact us today to start making your dream trip a reality!