Terms and Conditions

Villa Rental Agreement

To confirm your reservation, please complete this Villa Rental Agreement where indicated, and return with your deposit to Caribbean Treasures LLC (Jamaican Treasures and Bahamian Treasures are members of the Caribbean Treasures LLC group). By signing this agreement, the Party Leader is stating that all members of the traveling party have accepted these Terms and Conditions of this Rental Agreement. The Party Leader is responsible for the full cost of the accommodation and other services contracted.

Final and total payment on this invoice must reach Caribbean Treasures LLC (With Brands of Jamaican Treasures and Bahamian Treasures) not later than 60 days prior to commencement of the rental period. For holiday periods (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Easter) we require final payment 90 days prior to commencement of the rental period.

Caribbean Treasures LLC (and its members Jamaican Treasures and Bahamian Treasures) must receive notice of any reservation cancellation in writing by fax or by email and we will present your case for cancellation to the villa owner for consideration.

  • In the case of a cancellation of reservation in the Low Season (arrival date is within April 15 to December 14),
    • when notification date is more than 60 days prior to the arrival date, a cancellation fee of 20% of the amount paid will be charged
    • when notification date is less than 60 days prior to scheduled arrival date, all funds paid will be forfeited.
  • In the case of a cancellation of a reservation in the High Season (arrival date is within December 15 – April 16), or any holiday weeks such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year:
    • when notification date is more than 90 days prior to the arrival date, a cancellation fee of 20% of the amount paid will be charged
    • when notification date is less than 90 days prior to scheduled arrival date, all funds paid will be forfeited.
  • There will be no refunds granted for no shows, late arrivals or premature departures, reduction in number of persons in your group. Subletting to another party is not permitted. Please send your payments in on time to avoid cancellation of your reservation.

Note: Some properties apply a cancellation policy different to the above to which we are obliged to uphold.  Any such variations will be specified in your invoice.  For Example:

Whispering Waters Villa and Keela Wee Villa – all deposits for Christmas and New Year bookings are non-refundable. Final payments are due 120 days before arrival. Please do not book this villa unless you understand this requirement.

Silver Sands Villa: Deposits are not refundable. We can always negotiate with the owners on a case by case basis but cannot guarantee success of a favourable outcome.

Please take out trip insurance to protect you from unforeseeable events. 

Note: Some properties apply a cancellation policy different to the above to which we are obliged to uphold.  Any such variations will be specified in your invoice.

Caribbean Treasures LLC (and its members Jamaican Treasures and Bahamian Treasures) will assist you if you need to amend your booking.  All amendments must be made in writing and in the name of the signatory on the Rental Agreement and are subject to a US$100 administrative charge. The administrative charge is not refundable if you subsequently must cancel your booking. The requested amendment may be taken as a cancellation or re-booking, in which case the normal cancellation charges detailed in the Cancellation Policy shall apply depending on the conditions applied by the villa being cancelled.

Only the persons named in the Rental Agreement are entitled to stay at the villa without prior arrangement. We ask that clients respect the stated maximum occupancy as these villas are provided based upon specific agreements. We rent to family groups and responsible adults only. Exceptions are made only for infants less than 2 years old if sleeping in a baby crib and not occupying one of the villa’s beds. They are not included in the villa’s total headcount. If the villa is booked with a reduced number of bedrooms at a reduced price, the bedrooms which are not included in the booking will remain locked.

Absolutely no house parties or functions such as weddings are allowed without advanced written permission. Having unauthorized parties or functions with persons coming onto property that are not on the original Guest List in the Rental Agreement gives the owner the authority to ask the Villa Leader and all guests to leave the villa without refunds.

Homes are provided on an a-la-carte basis and most incidental personal services are not included in the rates quoted. Not included are long distance phone, damage deposit, extra pool/spa service, extra yard maintenance, excessive personal laundry, extra housekeeping other than noted, food or beverages, lodging cancellation protection, airport greeting, transfers, transportation, auto rental, rental bedding, child care supplies and child-proofing services, sight-seeing tours, activities, baggage handling at airport or at villa, sports and water recreation supplies, replenishment of paper and soap products other than initial supply and any other items or services not specifically listed as included.

Circumstances which are unpredictable may force you to change your villa vacation travel plans. We strongly recommend that all our clients take out insurance protection against medical, trip cancellation and other expenses which include an adequate degree of personal and public liability.  There are numerous providers of trip insurance products including www.worldtravelcenter.com and www.travelguard.com

Most villas require a damage deposit of $500 prior to time of arrival. Some villas have higher damage deposits. This deposit is used in the unlikely event of breakage, damage, missing items, additional cleaning of villas left abnormally dirty, and can also be used for any unpaid grocery/beverage bills, etc. You hereby agree to pay Caribbean Treasures LLC (With Brands of Jamaican Treasures and Bahamian Treasures) on behalf of the owner of your villa, the cleaning or replacement costs for all damages to personal property which may occur because of your occupancy, excluding normal wear and tear. You agree to take all reasonable steps to ensure that your family and other guests in your party adhere to the rules and regulations affecting your villa. Removing any items from the villa is prohibited.
If there is no damage, any damage deposit will be returned promptly.

Caribbean Treasures LLC (With Brands of Jamaican Treasures and Bahamian Treasures) shall make every effort to keep all villas and their inventories in good working order. If there is a maintenance problem, please report to the staff of the villa immediately and the villa owner will strive to repair the problem as soon as possible. We have visited the properties and the descriptions stated on the website are accurate and in good faith.  We decline all responsibility for any modifications made by owners without our knowledge or without notifying us of any alterations.

No refund or rate adjustment shall be made for unforeseen mechanical failures such as the supply of electricity by the Jamaican Electric Company,  telephone service, water, pool filtration systems, hot tubs, air-conditioning, television or cable service or internet as this is provided by a third party vendor, appliances etc.  We or the owners or the owner’s representative will make every effort to solve problems of this nature immediately if notified. It is the guest’s obligation to report any problems or damage to their villa immediately to us.

Caribbean Treasures LLC (and members of Jamaican Treasures and Bahamian Treasures) acts hereunder as an agent for accommodation. It maintains no control nor assumes responsibility over the equipment, facilities, operations, agents or employees of the owner of the accommodation, property loss, damage or injury to any person occupying or visiting the property arising out of personal injuries, or any stress, mental anguish, accident or death or otherwise resulting directly or indirectly from acts of God, loss or changed itinerary resulting from any acts or omission of the owner of the accommodation, his employees or agents, or any other party not under the direct employment and control of Caribbean Treasures LLC (With Brands of Jamaican Treasures and Bahamian Treasures), dangers incident to the sea, fire, breakdown of machinery, equipment, acts of the Government or other authorities, de jure or de facto, wars whether declared or not, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, thefts, pilferage, epidemics, quarantines, customs regulations, delays or cancellation or changes in itinerary or schedule, or from acts or omissions of any kind or in any way related to the accommodation or transportation offered herein or due to any other cause beyond the control of Caribbean Treasures LLC (With Brands of Jamaican Treasures and Bahamian Treasures). In the unlikely event that the villa is no longer available to fulfil its contracted dates of occupancy, due to the damage, property loss, death of the property owner, sale of a property – the villa leader will be refunded the accommodation cost in full that was paid on the rental contract and no more than.  In the event of any dispute, this rental agreement is subject to the laws the Cayman Islands.

It is the responsibility of the guests to take good care of the property, its contents, including, but not limited, to soft furnishings, furniture, linens, towels, gardens, plants, crockery, cutlery, CD’s, audio cassettes, books, glassware and ornaments. Any damage caused by you and members of your party will be billed to the Party Leader. 

Only those persons named in the Rental Agreement are entitled to stay at the villa without prior arrangement.

If the villa is booked on a reduced price tariff, which includes the use of a limited number of the available bedrooms, the bedrooms which are not included in the booking will remain locked.

The villa guests must not create unreasonable disturbance to neighbors, particularly during the hours between midnight and 7am. In the event of unreasonable behavior by you or members of your party, you may be asked, at the discretion of the Owner, to vacate the villa without refund of monies paid.

You are prohibited from organizing and holding any major party events at your villa beyond normal entertaining unless prior written permission from Caribbean Treasures LLC (With Brands of Jamaican Treasures and Bahamian Treasures) has been obtained.


 If there is any property left at the villas, we will endeavor to locate it and return it to the guests as soon as we can. Guests to pay courier charges. Caribbean Treasures LLC (With Brands of Jamaican Treasures and Bahamian Treasures) and the villa staff shall not be liable for any lost, stolen, damaged, or abandoned property. Please make sure your valuables are put up in safe places.


Caribbean Treasures LLC (With Brands of Jamaican Treasures and Bahamian Treasures), the company shareholders and its agents or assigns shall not be liable for any damage or injury of or to the Tenant, Villa Leader and Guests’ family, guests, invitees, agents or employees or to any person entering the Property or the buildings of which the Premises are a part, or to goods or equipment and Caribbean Treasures LLC (With Brands of Jamaican Treasures and Bahamian Treasures), is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items belonging to the Villa Leader and Guests, Villa Leader and Guests’ family, guests, invitees, agents or employees. The Villa Leader and all guests in the group shall hold harmless, indemnify and defend Caribbean Treasures LLC (With Brands of Jamaican Treasures and Bahamian Treasures) and its shareholders, agents, staff, transportation carriers against all claims, liabilities and expenses including but not limited to attorney fees and costs in connection with the loss of life, personal injury or damage to property in or about the property or arising out of the use or occupancy by the villa leader and all guests, or its invitees.  The Villa Leader and all guests in the group hereby waives any right to any claims or damages exceeding the rental value noted herein.

Should it become necessary for Caribbean Treasures LLC (With Brands of Jamaican Treasures and Bahamian Treasures) to employ an attorney to enforce any of the conditions or covenants hereof, including the collection of Rent, the recovery of costs for damage caused by the Villa Leader or guests, or gaining possession of the Premises, Villa Leader agrees to pay all expenses so incurred, including reasonable attorneys’ fee.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in possession of all necessary travel and health documents (including Passports and Visas (where applicable) before departure. You must pay all cost incurred in obtaining such documentation. Villa accommodation cannot be refunded for failure to gain the necessary documents to enter the island.

Payment for your booking constitutes your acceptance and agreement to these terms, conditions, limitation and restrictions as printed above. Each guest in the group accepts the terms and conditions contained herein. If you have any problems or questions with any of the preceding, please be sure to email or phone us.
Payment of your villa rental constitutes your agreement that this is a legally binding document and you have read and agree to all the terms and conditions within it.

Jamaican Treasures and Bahamian Treasures are members of the Caribbean Treasures group.
Common Sense House Rules for Villas……

We want you to have a pleasurable stay in Jamaica, so we would like to highlight a few helpful tips from past guests and us to help your stay with us run smoothly.  Our goal is to ensure your vacation is enjoyable and memorable.

1.     Your villa is a cherished private home.  You are responsible for the property during your stay.  We invite you to get comfortable and make yourself at home.   We trust you will take care of the villa and it's belongings as if they were your own.

2.     Gratuity – Your staff is there to make sure that your holiday is carefree.  Please let them know your likes and dislikes, your schedule for mealtimes, your daily activities, your favorite drinks that you would like them to prepare etc.  We are sure you will appreciate their services.  As recommended, gratuity/tips are appreciated to be paid to the staff upon departure.  We recommend 10% in the high season (Dec 15 to April 15) and 15% in the low season (April 16 to Dec 14).  You can pay the tips in one lump sum to the head of household and she/he will distribute among the staff.  Or you can give each staff tips as you wish. 

3.     Your villa has been approved for 2 persons’ maximum per bedroom. If your occupancy is more, and this has been approved by Lisa, Stephanie, Evette or Tricia then that is fine. However, any breach in the maximum approved occupancy, may result in your stay being cut short.  Where unexpected extra persons have not gained the approval of the owner and Jamaican Treasures to stay at the villa, guests may incur a nightly extra person charge that must be settled in cash before departing the villa.

4.     Please take reasonable care of your own personal property and lock away important items either in the villa safe, or in a luggage compartment known to you. Jamaican Treasures is not responsible for loss or stolen items.  Please use the villa safes provided or lock away important items in a luggage compartment known to you.

5.     Any damages to the villa property must be noted and discussed with the head of household before your departure.  Please also contact Jamaican Treasures office on any of the numbers below so we can assess the severity of the damage.  Damages can be paid for at the villa or can be deducted from your security deposit.  

6.    We want you to have a great time at your villa but please be considerate of your neighbors and have outdoor music turned down by 10pm.

7.    Smoking is only permitted outside of your villa. Please use the outdoor living spaces, verandas and grassy lawn areas for this purpose.  Smoking in the home may result in a loss of your security deposit.*

8.      If you have reserved less bedrooms in your villa than the full number of bedrooms, the other bedrooms must remain unoccupied.  Remember that you are paying a lower rate for using less bedrooms in the villa, however, be assured the entire villa property will remain private for just your family/group.

9.     Jamaica is a tropical island!  If you are susceptible to mosquitoes, please bring along your favorite insect repellant.

10.  Ants and cockroaches!  They love food!  If you bring food into the bedrooms or living rooms/media rooms….ants/cockroaches will follow your food trail!  We highly recommend you eat in the designated indoor or outdoor dining areas.  The household help clean and sweep these areas often, keeping the insects away.

11.  Your villa chef/cook – Your cook is very versatile and is happy to take your requests, they can also make recommendations for you. It is best to sit down with the cook and work out a schedule for the week.  Let your cook know when you will be going out for lunch or dinner so he/she won't buy groceries for those meals. It is appreciated for dinners to be served before 7pm to try and accommodate any staff members that need to get home at a decent hour to their families, and also have an early morning rise to get your villa started for morning duties.  

12.  Meal Time!  Please give the cook some indication of your preference in scheduling of mealtimes. They will do the best to accommodate you so that you can do the relaxing and touring, while they prepare some of the best villa cuisine on island!

13.  Pool Safety!  Swimming pools are not guarded, and swimming is at your own risk.  Please take extra care when around the pool as the deck can be slippery.  Keep an extra close eye when children are in and around the pool.

14. Impromptu events are not permitted. Please advise us if you expect visiting guests or else extra person charges may apply and be taken off your security deposit.

15.  Events and villa staff.   If you do have an approved event to be held at the villa, and you want the regular villa staff to participate, we will need to gain the approval of the particular staff that will be able to work (as some have families to go home to), and if they do work for your event, a fee of $50 per staff per event, can be paid for their service. You can pay them this direct after the event.

16.  Weddings – If you are having a wedding at a villa, congratulations!  Your villa wedding is going to be gorgeous and will be something you and your guests will remember for a lifetime! You should have already organized your wedding coordinator and have all your vendors in place.  Please abide by the noise policy, and extra persons policy.  All wedding reception meals must be catered by an outside company which prepares the food offsite.  As most villa do not have commercial kitchens, you may use the villa kitchen for prepping and reheating only.

17. Food Budget:   
US$50-65 per adult per day: Please remember Jamaica is an island and many good attract import duties, thus goods are higher priced than back home.

18.  Food/Grocery Bills – Please clear your food and grocery purchases with the cook 1 to 2 days BEFORE you depart the villa.  You may have to go down to the supermarket and clear your bill by paying by cash or by credit card.  If the cook has accumulated the bills for you, you can tally this with the cook and pay him/her in cash and reimburse the cook.  It is important that ALL FOOD/GROCERY/LIQUOR BILLS are cleared 1 to 2 days BEFORE you leave the villa.

19.   Check Items! – Please remember to double check the rooms of the villa for your personal belongings. It is extremely costly to ship things back home and separate courier and administration fees will apply.

20.  Check in/out- The general check in time is at 3pm and check out is at 11 am. The charming villa staff awaits you!

Please let us know if you have any questions on any of the items above. 

We look forward to making sure you have a memorable villa vacation in Jamaica!

Yours Sincerely,
Jamaican Treasures - Concierge Services

Jamaican Treasures is a member of the Caribbean Treasures group.

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