Sample Villa Menus

This is one of the many pleasures of a Jamaican Villa Vacation…..The best food on the island is prepared by villa cooks! Jamaican Food originates from an island culture full of history, heritage, and people from all parts and corners of the world. Because the island of Jamaica has so much influence from all over the world, it’s no wonder that the food is so original, unique and tasty. When you are indulging in Jamaican cuisine, you will also taste flavours from the Spanish, British, East Indian, West African, Portuguese, Chinese, French and the Dutch. You cannot help but be blown away by the rich culinary choices of Jamaica. From spicy Jerk Chicken straight off of a fiery grill to rich Jamaican coffees, your taste buds will never be the same after sampling these staples dishes and beverages from the island of Jamaica.

Your Villa cook can prepare a wide variety of dishes, ranging from Jamaican, North American and European. The cook is use to receiving guests from all over the world and they are versatile in pleasing and catering for guests of different tastes. However, this is one of the best places to try some authentic Jamaican Food while you are in Jamaica!

Before you arrive at your villa, your cook would have been notified of your menu for your first dinner and your first breakfast. When you first arrive at your villa, and after you have settled in, you should let your cook know your culinary preferences. You may nominate a person from your group to organize this with the villa chef. This will help her in planning your menus and selecting cooking methods and seasonings.

Popular Jamaican Dishes

Jerk Chicken
Jerk Pork
Curried Goat
Stew Peas
Curry Chicken
Brown Stew Chicken
Brown Stew Fish
Callaloo Fish
Ackee and Saltfish
Mackerel Run Down
Escoveitche Fish
Saltfish Fritters
Callaloo and Codfish
Okra and Saltfish
Curried Lobster
Curried Conch
Pork Pot Roast
Fricassee Chicken
Popular Soups:
· Red Pea Soup
· Fish Tea soup
· Jamaican Pepper Pot Soup
Side dishes
· Rice and Peas
· Festival
· Bammy
· Scotch Bonnet & Pepper Sauce
· Coco Bread
· Boiled Green Banana
· Irish Potato
· Dumplings
· Roast Breadfruit/fried Breadfruit
· Roast Yam
· Fried Plantain