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South Coast Vacation Rentals

South Coast Rentals

Tropical countryside, charming fishing villages, waterfalls, and wetlands are just some of the fascinating features that define the spectacular beauty of the South Coast of Jamaica. Those travelers looking for a Jamaican destination that speaks to variety and versatility will want to book some of the most gorgeous South Coast vacation rentals with Jamaican Treasures that keeps you close to this unbeatable landscape.

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South Coast Vacation Rentals – Delightful Island Amenities

Making the most of your South Coast stay means booking a Jamaican villa rental that provides the luxury, comfort, and convenience you deserve. That’s exactly what guests experience when they reserve their property with Jamaican Treasures. Guests at many of our South Coast vacation rentals will enjoy the beauty of an amazing view out large windows made to appreciate your surroundings day and night. Beyond the scenery, guests are treated to the benefit of a fully equipped kitchen, stylish furnishings with island-inspired flair, air conditioning, spacious floor plans and large bedrooms with extra-comfortable mattresses for a guaranteed wonderful night’s rest. Large patios and en suite bathrooms provide added convenience at many of our properties. Keeping in touch with loved ones back home during your stay is a simple as connecting to the in-home Wi-Fi or high-speed internet.

Luxury that Delivers

Looking for even more during your stay? We’re happy to help out. Many of our South Coast vacation rentals come with the luxurious addition of an on-site staff ready and waiting to take care of your every request and need. Guest can also enjoy a stay that includes a private pool, hot tub, Jacuzzi, satellite television and barbeque upon request. Let us take care of the luxurious details so you can enjoy a trip unlike any other.

Soaking up the Sights

With so many things to see and activities to do in Jamaica, it can be hard to narrow it down to the essential few. When you’re here in the name of romance, be sure to make time to explore Lover’s Leap. This 1,700-foot cliffside on Treasure Beach comes with an awe-inspiring view and legendary story. It is said that two star-crossed lovers were caught up in the golden net of the moon at this point as they raced away from plantation owners set on tearing them apart. Lover’s Leap is also home to a beautiful lighthouse and makes for a wonderful South Coast excursion.

YS Falls

In its entirety, Jamaica is known for its staggering number of natural wonders and incredible landmarks that are worth visiting. The South Coast of the island comes with its own collection of incredible destinations worth taking the time to visit and among them is the infamous YS Falls. Cascade chasers will fall in love with this seven-tiered waterfall that is among one of the most recognizable on the island. Making it even more eye-catching is the fact that YS Falls is surrounded on nearly every side by lush tropical gardens giving the scene color, texture and a sense of magical wonder. Feel free to simply sit and observe the beauty of this area or make your way towards one of the many pools that are fed by YS Falls. Here, you’ll find you can spend an entire afternoon hopping from pool to pool until you find just the right one to fit your vacation sense of relaxation and style.

Appleton Estate Rum Experience

When it comes to making the most of a Jamaican escape, a major part of the experience lies in indulging in the many flavors that have come to define the island itself. Jamaican rum is one of a kind and if you have some time to spare, be sure to book a spot on an Appleton Estate Rum Experience when you’re staying on the South Coast. Sitting in the heart of the Nassau Valley, the Appleton Estate Rum Experience takes visitors on a comprehensive tour of the very place where rum is produced. Enjoy time spent at the observation tower, distillery, aging house and of course, the all-important tasting rooms. The Appleton Estate Rum Experience also includes a short in-house film that gives a background on the estate and rum business on the island of Jamaica.

Black River Safari

For those travelers that love getting into the heart of nature and experiencing it up close, you won’t want to miss out on a Black River Safari during your stay. Alongside a knowledgeable and friendly guide, you’ll float leisurely down the Black River taking in the breathtaking sights as you go. Feel free to ask questions and make sure to keep your eyes open for the many fascinating creatures both large and small that call the Black River home. Your guide will take the lead on giving you background and insight into the many ecosystems that thrive within the Black River as well as the communities this water source has long benefited.

Stay and Explore

Jamaica’s South Coast is sure to keep travelers coming back for more. When you plan on staying awhile, make your stay exceptional by booking one of our vast and beautiful South Coast vacation rentals with Jamaican Treasures. We bring our passion for superior customer service into each and every property search. Contact us today to begin planning your dream Jamaican vacation! Browse our wonderful Bahamas vacation rentals today!