Port Antonio rentals

Port Antonio Rentals

Pristinely set onto the northeast coast of Jamaica lies Port Antonio. This beautiful and scenic destination offers up wonderful opportunities for visitors to soak up the sun on sugar-white sand beaches, take a ride on the waves by boat or paddle board or hunt for cascading waterfalls nearby. Whether you’re heading towards this tropical destination to snorkel, swim or enjoy the sun, you’ll want to make the most of your trip by booking one of the beautiful Port Antonio Jamaica rentals offered by Jamaican Treasures.

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Port Antonio Rentals – Everything You Need to Enjoy Time Away

Getting away from the everyday routine of home life and heading towards Jamaica is bound to be exciting but made all that much better when you are staying in one of the best Port Antonio rentals that come with amazing amenities. Guests at many of our locations will enjoy island-inspired interior décor alongside plush furnishings and stylish and modern appliances. A full kitchen stocked with utensils makes for a lovely night in when you’re traveling with a chef who’s ready to create something delicious. Large screen televisions, high-speed internet, spacious bedrooms and bathrooms along with convenient laundry facilities keep your trip stress-free. Many of our properties come with air-conditioning as well as large windows to take in the spectacular Port Antonio view.

Luxury and Beyond

The team at Jamaican Treasures is dedicated about customized service and is happy to help you find one of the most luxurious Port Antonio Jamaica rentals that you’ve been dreaming of. Be sure to let us know when you’re searching for a property that comes complete with villa staff, a private pool or hot tub, extra spacious balconies or patios for indulging in the view, en suite bathrooms for added convenience or cable television for potential nights spent in. We’re happy to help make these dreams come true by providing options from a vast portfolio of properties made to suit many tastes and styles.

Exciting Excursions

While it’s tempting to stay in and fall in love with your beautiful villa, Port Antonio and the surrounding area have much to see and explore. Beachgoers will want to plan on carving out time in the itinerary for a stop at Winnifred Beach. This pristine stretch of white sand makes for a wonderful afternoon of lounging seaside. When you get hungry, the area hosts several authentic food stands and if you’re traveling with little ones, take advantage of nearby donkey rides for entertainment!

Frenchman’s Cove

When you’re craving a picturesque day trip experience, you don’t have to look further than a trip to Frenchman’s Cove. This idyllic blue lagoon sits close to Port Antonio and provides an amazing place to spend an afternoon admiring the amazing waters, taking a dip in gentle waves that fluctuate between cool and warm or jumping into the lagoon from above with the help of rope swings. Whether you sit along the banks of the lagoon and observe or find yourself wanting to make your way along towering tree branches to take it all in from above, time spent at Frenchman’s Cove is sure to inspire the mind and senses.

Reach Falls

Although Reach Falls sits about an hour away, it’s a popular day trip destination for those staying in Port Antonio and can easily be organized with the help of a local guide. Once you arrive, you’ll quickly fall in love with this scenic and lush destination. Cascade chasers will be enthralled with Reach Falls and it’s surrounding beauty. Begin your journey at the river and make your way up the rock formations until you reach the summit of the falls. Here you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the area and ample opportunities to capture it all on camera for the memory book. Take a swim in the pool below once you make your way back down and enjoy time indulging in the natural wonders Jamaica hosts.

Blue Lagoon

Fans of the movie Blue Lagoon won’t want to miss the chance to visit the very destination the film was named for while they enjoy a stay in Port Antonio. Local guides are helpful when it comes to visiting this incredible place where the water is truly a fascinating shade of blue. Feel free to jump on in and enjoy a quick dip or observe the water’s amazing hue from the sidelines. Towering trees and branches reach out over the water providing a fun place to launch from if you’re feeling adventurous during your visit.

The Village

Once you’ve had a chance to indulge in all of the natural beauty, it’s time to indulge your need for finding the best of souvenirs and shops in Port Antonio. The Village is the place to do exactly that and it’s here that you’ll find a wonderful variety of craft stores and boutique shops made for browsing and purchasing when you find just the right item. From jewelry to apparel, this area is truly a bustling center of fun and commerce that’s made to enjoy.

A Beautiful Island Stay

Keep your island getaway worry-free by letting Jamaican Treasures book your vacation accommodations. We’ll make sure your tropical adventure is everything you imagined and more by delivering up one of our most beautiful Port Antonio rentals that feels like home away from home. Contact us today to start planning your next trip! We have 120 villas in Montego Bay. Click here and check them out today!