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Bahamas Vacation Rentals

Bahamas Rentals

For travelers looking for an island getaway with all the trappings of the perfect escape, the Bahamas quickly comes to mind. Imagine a picturesque white-sand beach lined with gently swaying palm trees, gentle blue waves and seashells perfect for the picking. That’s exactly what you can expect when you book one of our Bahamas vacation rentals with Bahamian Treasures at Palm Cay in the Bahamas. Make the most of this tropical paradise by staying close to the water that drew you there in the first place.

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Luxury Villas in the Bahamas – Be Amazed by Amenities

Whether you’re looking for a 2-person hideaway or a villa that sleeps 10 of your most well-loved guests, Jamaican Treasures is happy to help you find the perfect piece of paradise in the form of a villa in the Bahamas. Many of our Bahamas vacation homes come complete with large bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms to keep privacy and comfort a top priority during your stay. When you travel with a passion for keeping current on culinary delights, enjoy the addition of a fully-equipped kitchen in one of our Bahamas vacation rentals complete with beautiful and durable surfaces alongside modern appliances to make dishing up something delicious a breeze. Modern furnishings with island-inspired detailing keep the ambiance fresh and light. Enjoy high-speed internet ensuring friends and family back home will receive those stunning vacation photos in real time.

Let Luxury Guide the Way

A vacation is meant to be enjoyed, so why not go the extra step and saturate your experience in luxury! Our team of professionals is well-versed in helping guests find and book one of our best luxury villas in the Bahamas that comes with the finer extras that make a stay exceptional. Let us know when you’re interested in booking a property that includes watersport equipment for getting out on the waves in style, a private pool or hot tub, granite countertops, 24-hour security or access to a tennis court for enjoying a match or two! We’re happy to help you make those glamorous dreams a Bahamas reality.

Explore and See More

With all of the comfort and convenience they provide, it’s tempting to stay in and indulge in the luxury one of our Bahamas villa rentals provides. However, this island is made to be explored and you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to see the beauty that surrounds this delectable gem of a destination. Hop aboard a Palm Cay Boat Tour for a closer look at the wildlife, marine life and pristine plants that call this area of the world home. Choose from half-day or full-day excursions alongside a knowledgeable and friendly captain who will guide you through extraordinary waters.

Palm Cay Marina

The beauty of a stay near Palm Cay in the Bahamas is the fact that you can indulge in small-town charm while still staying close to places that offer the big city extras you might require at any given time. For those travelers that value that balance between quaint and grand, be sure to plan some time to visit the Palm Cay Marina. This boater community hub is more than just a place to dock. In fact, the Palm Cay Marina experience includes time spent at the dockside café or full restaurant when you’re looking to cure a craving. The Palm Cay Marina is equipped with concierge service when you’re looking for an upscale experience quite unlike any other around. If you are arriving with your own vessel, the Palm Cay Marina promises to be a place you’ll feel great about stopping. If you’re looking to get out on the waves but don’t have a boat on hand, the marina is equipped to rent as well. As one of the largest marinas in the Bahamas, Palm Cay Marina is recognized as a gateway port to nearby hot spots including beautiful Exuma where even more adventure awaits visitors.

Atlantis Water Park

Frequently referred to as Aquaventure, the Atlantis Water Park is one of the Bahamas most highly popular attractions with good reason. Hosting a massive collection of waterslides, pools, river rides and beaches, the Atlantis Water Park is a place the entire family can enjoy from the moment it opens until the doors close for the day. When you’re in the mood for thrills, waterslides answer the call. For those looking to enjoy the sights without the adrenaline-pumping experience, there are private cabanas waiting to be relished. However you spend your time at the Atlantis Water Park, it’s sure to be an experience in decadent fun and entertainment that sprawls across 141 acres of land. If you’re traveling to Atlantis Water Park with little ones, there are a number of age-appropriate pools set aside for children to enjoy the water just as much as big kids and adults do!

Dolphin Encounters

When you’re hoping to find time to swim with dolphins or view them in an incredible setting, make time for a visit to Dolphin Encounters. Located on Blue Lagoon Island in Nassau, this family-run facility hosts an impressive natural saltwater environment where dolphins are rehabilitated and work hand in hand with their humans to promote marine conservation and protection. Visitors can come face to face with Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins as well as sea lions when this visit this establishment that started as a marine rescue facility in 1989.

Stay and Enjoy the View

When you’re looking for that idyllic tropical getaway, let the team at Bahamian Treasures handle the details. We’ll make sure you’re booked into one of our best Bahamas villas that matches your personal taste and style. Contact us to begin planning your next beautiful island adventure and to book one of our Bahamas vacation rentals!