Renting 7 BEDROOMS of this 7 Bedroom Elegant Good Hope Plantation Coach House - this villa reflects Jamaica's old world charm - fully staffed with private swimming pool.
* Fully Staffed villa with own cook and housekeeper, butler
* Only 40 minutes drive from the Montego Bay airport.
* Only 25 minutes drive from Silver Sands/ Duncans
*Only 15 minutes to your own private beach near Burwood Beach - white sandy beach!
* New infinity swimming pool
* Each bedroom is air conditioned with ensuite bathroom
* Nearby Chukka Cove Tours and activities zip lining,  ATV vehicles, dune buggy, river tube and kayak, waterfall pool, aviary, challenge course, great house tours.... all at local Jamaican rate for persons in Coach House villa!
* Wonderful nature walks, this villa is for country side lovers, getting away from it all! 
* Weddings of up to 30 persons at this wonderful Coach House Venue around the Infinity swimming pool over looking the countryside and rolling hills of this awe-inspiring plantation.  Minimum 5 night villa rental. No event fee for wedding.  All other costs associated with the wedding is extra.
* Larger wedding? Up to 100 persons wedding at our own private beach near Burwood Beach - Special access for guests renting this Good Hope Coach House Villa rentals only.  Minimum 5 night villa rental. No event fee for wedding.  All other costs associated with the wedding is extra such as Catering, Decor, Lighting, Security.
* Have the best of both worlds staying in the lush Jamaican country, going to a white sandy beach in Jamaica!


* yoga room

* walking trails

* Internet

* ping pong

* pool table

* Pottery studio of David Pinto on property Tennis court (coming in late 2018) Speaker for you to play your own music Bonfire Projector and Screen for outdoor movies

This is a special mix of Jamaican Plantation mixed with access to your own private beach!  Good Hope Coach House has been elegantly furnished and modernized with an infinity swimming pool overlooking the Good Hope Plantation encompassing the magnificent hills and vales  of Jamaica. 

The Good Hope Coach House can be rented as a 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 bedroom villa.  Newly renovated in 2017, this home is a perfect gathering place for a family gathering, retreat or small wedding. Situated on Good Hope estate, guests can explore the property, walking along the Martha Brae river, through the fragrant citrus trees, listening to the birds and viewing the background Cockpit Country. All bedrooms have modern amenities in cut stone rooms with four poster beds. The meals are fresh and exquisite, with fresh coconut water and fresh picked oranges from the property  - cut and juiced each day. Our staff are warm, talented and efficient, catering to all fancies.  
For adventure or historic tours only 5 minute walk away,  Zip line, atv, dune buggy, river tube and kayak, waterfall pool, aviary, challenge course, great house tours.... all at local rate for persons in Coach House villa.

Our private beach, a real highlight, has calm shallow waters, cool shady areas to read, breezy winds allowing the kite surfers to play.

A destination that allows you to fully taste all of Jamaica.


Bedroom 1: King size bed
Bedroom 2: King size bed
Bedroom 3: King size bed

Bedroom 4:  Two twins (can convert to king)
Bedroom 5:  Two twins (can convert to king)
Bedroom 6:  Two twins (can convert to king)

Bedroom 7:  Queen Bed



Distance from Silver Sands - 25 minutes



We recommend you highlight the choices that interest you. 

We can put a menu together based on your preferences, or, you can create you own menu for the week based on these options. 

Feel free to add anything you may not see here.


*most popular


Juices (seasonal and year round)


*Coconut water

*Limeade/sour orange ade

*Fruit punch

*Pineapple ginger juice

*Lemongrass ice tea

Soursop with lime

Matrimony juice (starapple and orange)

Tamarind ginger juice

Mango lime juice

Otaheiti juice

Carrot/beet juice

Watermelon juice

Green Juices


Chips and snacks, all homemade

*Banana, *breadfruit, *plantain, coconut, sweet potato, , potato Assorted cookies ( ginger, lemon, choc chip, oatmeal)


Appetizers all homemade

*Ackee in filo triangles with mango chutney *Sautéed callalloo/pak choy/cabbage and brie cheese empanadas Sauteed mushrooms, walnuts and goat cheese on toast Pumpkin raviolis with sage butter and hazelnuts *Assorted bean and roasted eggplant dips with homemade chips *Roasted vegetable quesadillas with cucumber salsa *Refried green plantain with sour cream and  tomato thyme garlic puree Guacamole with assorted homemade chips Mini vegetable quiches Pesto cucumber cheese canapés Lettuce wraps with grilled shrimp,noodles, shredded carrot and pineapple salsa Smoked marlin with scotch bonnet, lime and parsley on warm buttered bread *Marlin dip with cream cheese, lime and pepper jelly, or marlin salsa Crab in the back (ordered in) Fish cakes with sesame ginger glaze Skewered chicken strips with coconut curry sauce Curry chicken, plantain and corn quesadillas with mango salsa Grilled beef skewers with peppercorn wine sauce *Grilled Lamb balls with tzaziki.



*Pumpkin soup with root vegetables, carrots, cho cho, whole pimento *Creamy roasted pumpkin bisque Red peas soup with vegetables *Corn and/or tomato chowder with basil and scotch bonnet Peanut soup with red peas *Crayfish soup with lemongrass and coconut milk Black bean soup with sherry and sour cream swirl Split pea soup with coconut milk and light curry



*Mixed green lettuces with a varying assortment of carrots, cabbage, sweet pepper, cucumber, tomato, with

                             assorted cheeses (cheddar, mozzarella, feta, parmesan, swiss, goat, tofu)

                            assorted nuts (walnuts, pecans, pine nuts, pumpkin, sesame seeds, peanuts, sunflower)

                            assorted fruits (raisins, papaya, pineapple, apple, mango)


*Cowboy Caviar -black eye peas, black beans, corn, cilantro tomato, red onion, cucumber, chili white wine vinaigrette with honey.

*Tabouli salad with barley or quinoa

Tomato mozzarella and basil salad - balsamic drizzle *Pak Choy salad with toasted sunflower seeds  soy/ginger dressing *Cucumber marinated in sugared and peppered vinegar Beets marinated in sugared and peppered vinegar Warm shredded Cabbage salad with toasted sesame seeds, prunes, sesame vinaigrette Cous cous salad with black beans, carrots and lime Quinoa with grilled vegetables Wilted kale, roast pumpkin, corn, roasted onion salad with walnuts olive oil and lime (tahini on side) *Pasta salad with roasted vegetables / chopped tomatoes roasted garlic and basil, nuts Noodles salad with scallions and peanut sauce Cous cous salad with grated carrots, beets, cheese, nuts, sundried tomatoes, lime cilantro



Sandwiches/burgers/patties etc

Tuna sandwich or tuna melt


Pesto Cucumber cheese sandwich

Chunky chicken salad with walnuts and pineapple and tahini with bread

Roasted lamb or turkey sandwich with mint and parsley mayonnaise and pepper jelly

Grilled cheese sandwich or tortilla

Burgers, hot dogs

Homemade veggie burgers or balls see below

Restuffed chocho with grilled rosemary chicken, nuts, parmesan cheese and pumpkin

                                           Butter beans and pumpkin with thyme butter puree, goat cheese

Roasted vegetable quesadillas, bean and cheese /mini burritos,/ chicken fajitas

Homemade assorted vegetable empanadas with red peas and  pumpkin or with split peas, curry and plantain

Patties and cocobread from the popular store (perfect for beach days)




Tofu/beans with red curry cabbage, broad beans and carrots

                             Pumpkin sauce and okras

                             Mushroom cream sauce


Veggie balls/burgers     

                             Broad bean/carrot with light pumpkin pimento sauce

                             *Black bean,carrot and  corn with tomato cilantro salsa

                             *Falafel with tahini sauce and cucumber slices

                             Mushroom, garbanzo with creamy coconut curry


Split pea stew with curry

*Pasta (can be gluten free or rice noodles)

              peanut sauce and broccoli

              ackee, thyme, red peppers, scotch bonnet, 

              tomato, garlic and basil sauce


*Roasted Vegetable quesadilla with papaya salsa and guacamole

Lasagna with roasted vegetables, tomato sauce and pesto cream

Millet with red curry vegetables



*Escoveitch fish wth carrots and chocho

*Grilled mahi mahi with cilantro and lime or pumpkin lemongrass sauce

*Steamed whole fish with pumpkin, okras tomato and thyme butter

Blackened snapper with lime sauce, seasonal fruit salsa, or coconut curry sauce

Grilled fish burgers or seafood balls with sesame ginger garlic soy orange sauce

Grilled salmon in foil with dill and roasted garlic butter

Steamed salmon, served room temp with cucumber and pesto sour cream

Curry Shrimp with vegetables

*Charbroiled shrimp with

              garlic lime pepper butter wine sauce

              peanut and cucumber salsa

Stir fried shrimp with cabbage, carrots, scallion, ginger, garlic, soy.

*Crayfish boil with butter scotch bonnet pepper sauce. (when available)

Grilled lobster with lime, carmelized onion and pepper (seasonal)

Conch stew with grilled vegetables.



Chicken and Meat

*Roast chicken with

              rosemary, pumpkin garlic 

              lime, garlic and olive oil


*Bbq and jerk chicken on the grill

*Curry Chicken with garbanzos and beets, accompanied by shredded tasted coconut.

*Fricasse chicken with chocho and carrots, tomato and sweet pepper in gravy

*Chicken fajitas with tortillas, cheese, bean stew, salsa and Spanish rice


Grilled chicken breast skewers

              pine ginger salsa,

              coconut curry sauce,

              lime garlic sauce


Chicken breast stuffed with roasted garlic, scotch bonnet, parmesan, chopped tomatoes, basil


*One pot chicken and rice or barley with okras, pumpkin, tomatoes peanuts, peas, ginger and thyme. coconut milk.


Roast turkey with yam and sausage stuffing


*Grilled tenderloin with peppercorn sauce

Pepper steak with onions and sweet peppers

*Chili con carne with spaghetti and cornbread, cheese and chopped onion

Oxtail stew with dumplings and broad beans, tomato and sweet peppers


*Curry Goat

Lamb burgers grilled with roasted garlic and rosemary and olive oil, served with tzasiki (yogurt, dill, cucumber, garlic, lime juice)

Roast leg of lamb with rosemary and garlic

Grilled Lamb chops with yogurt and cucumber dip, grilled squash, red onions

*Moussaka (garden egg, minced lamb, cream sauce, so delicious)

*Grilled  or jerk pork tenderloin with tamarind rum sauce




Rice (plain, with herbs, with pumpkin, seasoned, brown, with peas)

Potatoes (scalloped, roasted with garlic and rosemary, mashed, salad. Fried, pancakes )

Sweet potato roasted,

Yam, roasted, boiled and riced

Green banana mashed, boiled

Breadfruit - roasted, fried, chips

Pumpkin casserole with feta cheese, sunflower seeds and raisins

Plantain baked, fried, chips, refried

Bammy (cassava)

Corn on cob, salad, roasted or boiled

Macaroni and cheese, pasta with garlic and olive oil


Roasted peppers, zucchini  and eggplant

Callalloo steamed, mixed with pak choy and cabbage

Cabbage, carrots with ginger

String beans, carrots, chocho with pinenuts

Broccoli, cauliflower, plain or with cheese sauce

Eggplant, zucchini, squash, onion, sweet pepper roasted

Okras, snow peas sautéed, curried

Sauteed arugula with garlic and sesame seeds



Lemon Cheesecake

Matrimony (star apples, orange and condensed milk - seasonal

Fruit salad

Chocolate cake

Coconut Custard with banana slivers.

Baked banana with ice cream

Plantain tart  + Coconut gizzada

Pineapple upside down cake

Apple tartlets


Lemon squares


Assorted ice creams

Carrot cake


Tortuga Rum Cake



Each morning there is an assortment of fruits, breads,muffins, cereal, juice, coffee and tea

A cooked breakfast will also be offered each morning including:

Ackee and saltfish with johnny cakes (fried dumplings)

Steamed Calalloo

Mackerel run down

Saltfish fritters

Shakshuka (a middle eastern dish with eggs and tomato)

Porridge (oats, banana, cornmeal)

Eggs done to order (omelet, fried, scrambled, boiled, frittata)



Banana pancakes

Homemade yogurt with flax, nuts, fruit and honey


Wait! Please contact us before you auto book! Our calendars are changing hourly and we want to triple check that the dates are still available and make sure that your chosen villa is suitable for you.  We want to share so many things about this villa and the booking process. We have inspected our villas personally so don’t be shy to contact us! We would like to tell you all the finer points, the highlights, the distance from the airport, the nearest grocery store, the staff, transportation on island, what your cook/chef can prepare for you, expectations for tipping the staff, make sure there are no hidden details or hidden costs….. things that may be important for your group! Speak to us! Email us all your questions! We want your vacation to run smoothly!




Internet facilities
Ceiling Fans
Coffee Maker
Dish Washer
Pool Lounge Chairs
Beach Towels
Fully equipped kitchen
Air conditioned bedrooms
Swimming pool
Fully Staffed villa
Ensuite Bathrooms
Villa staff on premisis
Bath Towels
Bed Linens


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