Explore the Jamaica Food and Drink Festival

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The island of Jamaica is a captivating destination that promises visitors a place to relax and unwind in style. Lush rainforests, towering mountains, dynamic cliffsides and endless stretches of sand make this is a place that calls to guests year after year. While the scenery is sure to please, Jamaica’s culinary scene is as exciting as the landscape. Diverse, fresh and integrating traditional with innovative, Jamaica is a country known for its flavorful take on life. Those travelers with a heart for exploration and a passion for pleasing the palate will want to be sure to head this direction when the Jamaica Food and Drink Festival takes over Kingston.

An Annual and Flavorful Thrill

In its 5th year, visitors from around the globe are anticipating the arrival of the Food and Drink Festival which comes to Kingston October 26th through November 3rd in 2019. Known as one of the best events in Jamaica, this nine-day flavor-filled event highlights the most renowned chefs in Jamaica and gives them a platform on which to display their talent to the world. Accompanied by wine and spirit experts, the Food and Drink Festival is an amazing opportunity for participants to try a variety of local and international dishes that take flavor and fusion to another level. Demonstrations and dining opportunities can be enjoyed in equal parts for those that love to linger in restaurants as much as they love to learn the secrets behind incredible dishes.

Jamaica Food and Drink Festival Highlights

From pork to sushi and the rosé tastings in between, the Jamaica Food and Drink Festival is a comprehensive look at the island’s take on flavor. Major events throughout the festival include a Pork Palooza a swirl and sip event at D’vine, a journey into oriental flavors with Chopstix and a better approach to beer with Crisp. One of the most family-friendly events on the festival itinerary is Meet Street and the Market which invites guests to make their way to the downtown waterfront district to enjoy restaurants, food trucks, and activities that the entire family will enjoy. Live music tops off the experience with an island beat that keeps the good vibes going!

A Sensational Island Stay

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