Cuba Cruise from Mobay

What can you do when you are in Montego Bay, Jamaica? Let’s Go to CUBA!!!

One of the most unique and educational tings I have done is take a cruise from Montego Bay to Cuba – going around the whole island of Cuba is a dream I never thought I would have in my lifetime!

Main points of this special Cuba Cruise from Montego Bay:

  • Board the Celestial Cruise at the Montego Bay Freeport Cruise dock
  • Enjoy this cruise with all meals – Breakfast, lunch, and Dinners included
  • Yes, your drinks are included also! Both water, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks are included. They do have an optional premium alcoholic package that was $10 a day extra x 7 days = $70 – however we did not take it because we were happy with all the Mojitos, daiquiris, rum cream, Tia Maria, wines, champagnes …… (shall I go on….) that were already included in the package.
  • The staff on the cruise were so enjoyable and friendly and they really were a big part of our enjoyment on this cruise.
  • This is an “intimate” cruse of about 350 persons  (no it is not one of those thousands of persons cruise so we actually go to know the waiters, servers, housekeepers, etc and this made the trip so much more personal)
  • We had nightly shows such as productions by CIRQUE FANTATIC CONCEPT, and genuine Cuban dancers for performances – gosh they can dance! They have the rhythm and movements!!
  • For the guests that want to learn history and have a curious mind…. there are meetings/ lectures by Dr Jorge Arocha – and he gives the Authentic Cuban Experience! And he has humor to boot! I really enjoyed  his intellect and humor
  • There are activities on board such as “Dance like a Cuban”, 60’s and 70’s party, Karaoke, Dancing melodies, Disco time, Jazz bands, Beauty and salons and you have got to have spa treatments!
  • If you are a cruise-o-holic, and know your different levels of cruise liners – this is not a luxury cruise for the divas. Don’t expect it or you will be disappointed. If you come to learn about culture, history, meet great guests on the ship, and enjoy a smaller intimate cruise….. you will be enlightened!
  • Special times:  Taking the time out to have a drink on level 5 on the back deck looking out at the ocean, watching the sunsets, having your sunset cocktails – these are special moments that you can’t buy in life and sharing it with special people in your life.

Main Points of Interest:

  1. First port of call is Santiago de Cuba – tour included
  2. Second port of call is Havana – stay here for 2 nights – tour included and you can also walk around and go to restaurants here, jazz clubs or walk around to the famous La Floridita – where Earnest Hemmingway frequented and is one of the most popular places to get your famous Daiquiri saluting Hemingway and Cuba! Oh, they have the most fabulous Jazz/ Cuban band there, it is infectiously relaxing and enjoyable to sway to the local rhythms!
  3. Third port of call is Cienfuegos – tour included
  4. Fourth port of call is Montego Bay – tour included

Fabulous way to spend 2 weeks holiday.  Do a week in a luxury villa in Jamaica, then from Montego Bay, take a cruise to Cuba!

I did it and love it immensely!

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