Covid19 – We Mean Business


Isolate……Quarantine………Work From Home!….. in Jamaica

Need to isolate and work from home?  Why don’t you do it on the tropical island of Jamaica!

Our villas are like your home away from home!

* Your own private swimming pool!

* Get your meals cooked by your own chef and your drinks served by your own butler!

* Don’t even think about lifting a finger to make up your bed or cleaning your house or bathroom or doing your laundry!

We will do it for you…….. while you Isolate…..Quarantine………..Work from your own private Villa!

These homes have been selected with quiet dedicated work areas, desks and high speed internet.  Your very own office in Jamaica.

Our villas are following a Covid19 protocol for being highly disinfected, new sanitization rules and our staff members discretely socially distance and wear masks to keep you protected while you are on holiday!…….I mean working.  You are in good hands with our Covid19 certified by the Ministry of Health villas in Jamaica!